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When did Amelie Mauresmo coach Andy Murray?

When did Amelie Mauresmo coach Andy Murray?

Andy Murray has opened up on the sexism he encountered within the world of tennis when he hired Amelie Mauresmo as coach in 2014. Murray went against the norm when he appointed a female coach in Mauresmo, who reached the summit of world No. 1 during her own playing career. Available on Eurosport app.

Who were Andy Murray’s coaches?

Over the years, Murray also has been coached by Amelie Mauresmo, Brad Gilbert and Jamie Delgado, among others.

Why did Amelie Mauresmo retire?

The two-times grand slam winner and former world No1 Amélie Mauresmo says has retired from tennis. She revealed in October that she was considering ending her career because she could not “find again the desire” to compete.

What has Amelie Mauresmo won?

In her career, Mauresmo won the Australian (2006), was a quarterfinalist at the French (2003, 2004), won Wimbledon (2006), and was a semifinalist as the US Open (2002, 2006).

Who was Andy Murray’s coach in 2011?

By Raz Mirza. Andy Murray and coach Ivan Lendl have reunited for a third time with the pair set to work together in preparation for the grass-court season. Lendl first worked alongside Murray from late 2011 to 2014 when they enjoyed a successful partnership.

Who was Andy Murray’s first coach?

coach Mark Petchey
The 2006 season saw Murray compete on the full circuit for the first time and split with his coach Mark Petchey and team up with Brad Gilbert.

What does Kim Sears do for a living?

PainterKim Sears / Profession

How many Grand Slams did Amelie Mauresmo win?

2Amélie Mauresmo / Grand slams won (singles)

When did Amelie Mauresmo retire?

December 3, 2009Amélie Mauresmo / Retired

Is Kim Sears Scottish?

Well, she was born in December in 1987 in a town called Barcombe in East Sussex, growing up with her dad Nigel, who was a respected tennis coach, South African mother Leonore and younger brother Scott.

Where is Kim Sears from?

Barcombe, United KingdomKim Sears / Place of birth

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