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Where are The Slow Mo Guys now?

Where are The Slow Mo Guys now?

After a way-too-long breakup, The Slow Mo Guys are finally a duo again, with co-host Dan Grunchy returning to Texas after living abroad in the UK during the pandemic. In his first episode back, he makes the slowest entrance ever, then has some fun by diving into a wet swim cap while Gav records it at 1000 fps.

What does Dan from Slow Mo Guys do?

Daniel Charles “Dan” Gruchy (also called Dan The Man, #DanTheMan, or simply Dan) is a British Internet and YouTube personality, solider and part of The Slow Mo Guys team along with his good friend Gavin Free, he posts videos of everything and anything that may look cool in slow motion for his more than 7 million …

Are The Slow Mo Guys dating?

Free is also known as the creator and co-host of the YouTube-based web series The Slow Mo Guys, alongside his friend Daniel Gruchy….

Gavin Free
Years active 2006–present
Known for The Slow Mo Guys Achievement Hunter Rooster Teeth
Partner(s) Meg Turney (2013–present)

How old are The Slow Mo Guys?

Gavin Free (born: May 23, 1988 (1988-05-23) [age 34]) and Dan Gruchy (born: June 17, 1988 (1988-06-17) [age 34]) are an English YouTube duo who run the web series The Slow Mo Guys.

Why do Gavin and Dan Call Each Other B?

Affectionate Nickname: They both call each other “B” at any opportunity. It was an in-joke between them over people calling their friends “boy” that became each other’s nickname for real. The Alleged Car: Dan couldn’t even trade in his run-down car, so he has an excuse to try and destroy it with fireworks.

How tall is Gavin Free?

5′ 10″Gavin Free / Height

How old is Gavin Free?

34 years (May 23, 1988)Gavin Free / Age

Why do The Slow Mo Guys call each other B?

Why did Dan leave Slow Mo Guys?

During the Slow Mo Guys panel at RTX 2013 hosted by both Free and Gruchy, Daniel had talked about considering moving to America to work for Rooster Teeth full-time settling in Austin, as well as producing more content for his and Gavin’s channel now that his military service for with the army is over.

Is Jeremy still in Achievement Hunter?

Achievement Hunter videos are currently hosted by eleven members: Jack Pattillo, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Jeremy Dooley, Matt Bragg, Trevor Collins, Alfredo Diaz, Ky Cooke, BlackKrystel, and Joe Lee.

Where is Jack Pattillo?

Family Life. Jack was born and raised in Texas alongside his younger sister Katie. On November 12, 2013, Jack married Australian actress and fellow Rooster Teeth affiliate Caiti Ward. They currently reside in Austin, Texas.

Is Gavin still with Rooster Teeth?

Free became the creative director of Rooster Teeth on October 26, 2015, replacing Burnie Burns who was then promoted to chief creative officer. However, he stepped down in late February/early March 2016, wanting to focus and dedicate his time towards SMG and AH.

Is Geoff back in Achievement Hunter?

Cast & Crew The Achievement Hunter line up from RTX 2014. From left to right: Matt, Jeremy, Kdin, Lindsay, Michael, Gavin, Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Jack, and Caleb. And now as of October 2020, the main cast includes: Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin, Jeremy, Lindsay, Matt, Trevor, Alfredo, and Fiona.

How old is Michael Jones?

34 years (July 24, 1987)Michael Jones / Age

Are The Slow Mo Guys part of Rooster Teeth?

On 20 February 2013, Free confirmed that the series had been picked up by Rooster Teeth and that further episodes of the series would be released on Rooster Teeth’s website, as well as the series’ existing YouTube channel.

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