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Who makes BOMAG roller?

Who makes BOMAG roller?

the KOEHRING Group
Acquisition of BOMAG by KOEHRING Company, Milwaukee, U.S.A. Under the umbrella of the KOEHRING Group BOMAG continued growing. KOEHRING was able to open a way into one important market in the world: the USA.

Where are BOMAG rollers made?

More Info on Bomag Americas, Inc. BOMAG’s US headquarters are in South Carolina. It manufactures and distributes light equipment, asphalt rollers, soil compactors, planers, recyclers & stabilizers, and asphalt pavers.

How much does a BOMAG roller weigh?

16,094 lb
Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. In keeping with this motto, BOMAG has been developing, designing and building compaction equipment for 60 years….BW 154 ACP-5.

Emission stage Stage V / TIER4f
Weight 16,094 lb
Working width 59.1 in

What weight is a BOMAG 120 Roller?

2750 kg
The BOMAG BW 120 AD-5 drum roller (ride-on roller) is ideal for use on medium construction sites and excels in sub-layer and asphalt compaction….Description.

Length 2529 mm
Unladen Weight 2750 kg
Working Width 1200 mm
Vibrating Yes
Width 1272 mm

What does a BOMAG roller do?

BOMAG smooth drum for universal applications. The rock drum is used for crushing and compacting soft to medium-hard consolidated rock. This roller drum can entirely replace mobile breakers up to soil class 6, cutting overall costs.

What is a BOMAG machine?

BOMAG planers, rollers and pavers stand out with their maximum performance in road construction and large infrastructure projects. Further reference projects. BOMAG machines are successfully in use on countless construction sites throughout the world. Click here for detailed project descriptions and interviews.

What does a Bomag roller do?

How much does a Bomag 80 Roller weight?

1,595 kg
BMP 8500

Emission stage Stage V / TIER4f
Weight 1,595 kg
Performance 14.5 kW

How heavy is a tarmac roller?


Centrifugal Force 1500 daN
Operating Weight 511 mm
Height 1300 mm
Width 830 mm
Weight 435 kg

What weight is a Bomag 120 Roller?

How does a construction roller work?

Vibratory rollers produce vibrations by filling the drum with basalt. As the drum rotates so does the basalt. The basalt collides with the walls of the drum and produces vibrations. The magnitudes of these vibrations can be increased by increasing the weight of basalt.

What does a Bomag do?

BOMAG is world leader in the measuring, documentation and control of compaction work during and after the compaction process. BOMAG machines fulfill wide ranging requirements with extensive equipment variations and a worldwide internal network of compaction experts.

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