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Who wins season 2 of Face Off?

Who wins season 2 of Face Off?

Rayce BirdFace Off – Season 2 / Winner

Who Wins Face Off season 3?

Nicole ChilelliFace Off – Season 3 / Winner

Who won season 8 of Face Off?

Team Darla’s fantasy epic, The Spirits of Eden, from Season 8, Episode 14: “The Dream Team.” Darla was crowned the champion of Face Off Season 8!

Who won Face Off season 1?

Connor McCullaghFace Off – Season 1 / Winner

Who won Face Off season 13?

Matt Valentine

Name Age Place finished
Derek Garcia 37 6-4
Jordan Patton 27 Runner-up
Walter Welsh 28
Matt Valentine 39 Winner

Who won season 10 of Face Off?

Rob SealFace Off / Winner

Who won Face Off season 12?

Andrew Freeman
The winner of this season was Andrew Freeman of Glendora, California. Contestants on season 12 were: Jill Burgner, Suzanne Bostwick, Al Tuskes, Nick Fischer, KC Mussman, Phil Harrah, Nelson Cooper, Faina Rudshteyn, Laura McCormick, Joseph Drobezko, Kierstin Lapatka, and Andrew Freeman (Winner).

Who Wins Face Off season 10?

Rob SealFace Off / Winner

And the winner of Face Off Season 10 is Rob! Here are all of his looks from the Spotlight Challenges of Season 10, starting with his collaboration with Njoroge on an intergalactic bounty hunter in Episode 1: “Wanted Dead or Alive” (Safe).

Who won Face Off in 2017?

Cig Neutron
Cig Neutron was declared the winner on the season’s finale. Prizes for this season include a Hyundai Veloster and $100,000.

Who won Face Off 2016?

Rob Seal
This season marked the return of the judges’ power to save an artist from elimination. The grand prize for the fifth season is a VIP trip from Kryolan to one of their 85 locations, a 2016 Fiat 500, and $100,000. Rob Seal of Lake View Terrace, California was declared the winner of this season on April 13, 2016.

Who won face off 2016?

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