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Why did Paras Khadka retire?

Why did Paras Khadka retire?

“Why now? Because it’s about time. As a cricketer, I have given my heart, blood and soul and have always dreamt to achieve the best for my country. “My ultimate dream is to see Nepal have a better cricketing system, for which I have spent all my energy in the past two decades,” he wrote.

Which game is Paras Khadka related to?

Nepali cricket
Paras Khadka, the face of Nepali cricket, has retired from international cricket. Khadka first represented Nepal in the Asian Cricket Council U-15 tournament in 2002 and made his debut for Nepal’s senior team in 2004 in the Intercontinental Cup in Malaysia. He also captained Nepal from 2009 to 2019.

Why is Paras Khadka famous?

He was Nepal’s All-time highest run scorer in both ODI and T20I format until his retirement. Paras Khadka became the sixth Nepali cricketer to score an international century, when he hit an unbeaten 106 off 77 balls against Kuwait during the 2012 ACC Trophy Elite in October 2012.

What does Paras Khadka look like?

Paras Khadka (Nepali: पारस खड्का; born 24 October 1987) is a Nepalese cricketer and the current captain of the Nepal national team. He is an all-rounder. He is a right-handed batsman, a right-arm medium-fast bowler. He also plays as an off break bowler.

Which caste is Khadka?

Khadka (Nepali: खड्का), anciently called as Khaḍgā (Sanskrit: खड्गा), is a surname of Khas -Chhetri community. Khadga was an ancient Paikelā (warrior) rank along with Thāpā, Rānā and Buḍhā….Khadka.

Meaning Sword bearer
Other names
Cognate(s) Katwal, Khandayat
Derivative(s) Khadka Kshatri, Khadkaji

Who is Paras Khadka wife?

Prapti Rajyalaxmi RanaParas Khadka / Wife (m. 2015)

Who is fastest bowler in Nepal?

His bowling speed was measured above 140 km/h during the match against Afghanistan in the 2014 ICC World Twenty20….Sompal Kami.

Personal information
Born 2 February 1996 Turang-8, Salyara, Gulmi, Nepal
Nickname Gulmi Express, Somu
Batting Right-handed
Bowling Right-arm fast

How old is Paras Khadka?

34 years (October 24, 1987)Paras Khadka / Age

Which Gotra is khadka?

Likewise there are 47 types of khadkas. Mansingh Khadka Magar – King of Gorkha, till 27 Sept 1559 AD. Kalikote khadka are khadka with Aatreya Gotra. Following chain of history is of kalikote khadka.

Where was Paras Khadka born?

Kathmandu, NepalParas Khadka / Place of birth

Who is the best bowler in Nepal?

Sandeep Lamichhane

Personal information
Role Bowler
International information
National side Nepal (2016–present)
ODI debut (cap 6) 1 August 2018 v Netherlands

Is khadka high caste?

Khadka (Nepali: खड्का), anciently called as Khaḍgā (Sanskrit: खड्गा), is a surname of Khas -Chhetri community. Khadga was an ancient Paikelā (warrior) rank along with Thāpā, Rānā and Buḍhā….Khadka.

Cognate(s) Katwal, Khandayat
Derivative(s) Khadka Kshatri, Khadkaji
See also Kunwar, Basnet, Karki, Thapa

What caste is khadka?

Khadkas are from Kshetri and Magar cast. But only chhetri Khadka are respected with title Kaji. Mostly Khadkas are from Chhetri caste but there are few Khadkas with Magar caste. Previously before Drabya bikram shah king of Gorkha, khadka used to be king of Kalikot and Gorkha.

When was Paras Khadka born?

October 24, 1987 (age 34 years)Paras Khadka / Date of birth

Who is the best batsman in Nepal?

Player Span Runs
RK Paudel 2018-2022 781
Aarif Sheikh 2018-2022 488
G Malla 2018-2022 480
Aasif Sheikh 2021-2022 440

What is the Gotra of khadka?

Where is the last name khadka from?

The surname Khadka is most frequently used in India, where it is borne by 2,761 people, or 1 in 277,822. In India it is primarily found in: Maharashtra, where 25 percent live, Assam, where 24 percent live and West Bengal, where 8 percent live.

What caste is KC?

Khatri Chhetri
KC (or K.C.) is a surname anglicized as an abbreviation of Khatri Chhetri. The surname Khatri was historically legally labelled to the children of Brahmin fathers and Kshatriya (Chhetri) mothers after the introduction of Muluki Ain (the Legal Code of Nepal) in 1854 by Jang Bahadur Rana of Nepal.

Who is cricket player name?

India Cricket Players

Player Runs AVG
Jos Buttler RAJ 863 57.53
KL Rahul LSG 616 51.33
Quinton de Kock LSG 508 36.28
Hardik Pandya GT 487 44.27
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