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Are Seiko watches repairable?

Are Seiko watches repairable?

We recommend that you contact an Authorized Seiko Service Center or a Seiko appointed dealer for watch repairs. A watch is a very sensitive precision instrument which requires servicing by highly trained and skilled technicians using special tools developed by Seiko.

Can a Seiko quartz watch be repaired?

The answer is YES! As quartz watches are a type of watch movement, created by watch brand Seiko in 1959, quartz watches overtook the dominant mechanical watches due to being cheaper but highly accurate.

Can Seiko Kinetic watches be repaired?

Our repairs can be as simple as a battery change, pin replacement, or band replacement, and can be as complicated as a dial refinish, a band/case polish, movement clean and overhaul and even a complete restoration.

How do I contact Seiko?

(201) 529-3316Seiko / Customer service

Does Seiko need to be serviced?

Frequency of such work depends on the climate and the owner’s individual care of the watch, but in general, we recommend having your watch serviced about every three years at an Authorized Seiko Service Center. Worn out movement parts and aged oil inside the movement may cause a watch to lose time or stop.

How much does it cost to replace a quartz movement?

Watch Repair Pricing

Service Price
Crystal Replacement $59.99
Stem & Crown $69.99
Movement Clean & Overhaul – Quartz $129.99
Movement Clean & Overhaul – Mechanical $249.99

Does Seiko have a website?

Official Seiko Watches Shop – Seiko USA.

What is the warranty on a Seiko watch?

Your three year U.S. warranty protection is automatically in effect with the purchase of your Seiko Timepiece. In the event your timepiece requires service, please visit for a complete list of instructions.

How long does a Seiko kinetic capacitor last?

Seiko developed the first Kinetic watch back in 1988. The movement does have an internal rotor inside that swings, but it’s connected to a piece of quartz and a capacitor. The energy stored inside the capacitor powers the watch. The power stored on the watch can last up to 4 years or longer.

How long does a Seiko last?

A Seiko 5 watch can last anywhere from five years to over 25 years. The wide range is due to a variety of wildcards. For example, dust build-up can eventually cause a break in an old Seiko 5’s 7S26B movement. However, this will likely take decades.

How long should a Seiko Kinetic last?

Why my Seiko Kinetic watch stopped working?

When the hands are stopped completely, there is a possibility of the rechargeable battery being out of charge. If this occurs, please recharge it by a window by exposing it to sunlight for 5-6 hours before using it again. In case the watch is used before a sufficient recharging, it may stop again.

Can a kinetic watch be repaired?

We’re committed to restoring every Seiko Kinetic watch we work with back to showroom condition. While designed to offer an evergreen solution to the cell battery in Seiko’s acclaimed Quartz range, Kinetic watches still require repairs and maintenance.

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