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Does Popworld have a dress code?

Does Popworld have a dress code?

Dress code: Smart/casual, no sportswear, shoes no trainers, dark jeans/smart work attire is fine!! The venue reserves the right of admission.

What did Popworld in Guildford used to be called?

(formerly Edward’s Bar, Flares) Previously Edward’s bar, then Flares and now reincarnated as Popworld, as the name suggests this night club, focusses on pop music, with live DJs most nights.

What was Popworld?

Popworld is a late-night bar with a difference – we are cheese with style! You’ll be greeted by our friendly bar staff and party the night away with like-minded fun-loving people. We play all of the cheesy pop tunes customers want to hear – and offer a great range of fun party cocktails to make your night POPTASTIC!

What did Popworld Bristol used to be called?

Reflex. Renowned for the ultimate 1980s experience, Reflex, was heralded as the place to go for a bit of a cheesy night. After a rebrand, it’s now known as Popworld, and thankfully you’ll still here Wham and Frankie Goes to Hollywood over the weekends.

Can you wear joggers in Popworld?

No sportswear, football tops etc. Jeans are fine. Thanks!

Do you need ID to get into Popworld?

It is a condition on our licence that everyone requires ID upon entry. Report response as inappropriateThank you. We appreciate your input.

What was Popworld called before Chelmsford?

Since the closure of The Liquorist on October 27, signs have been clearly displayed on the windows to explain that the cocktail bar has now closed and will be replaced by Popworld.

What was the nightclub in Purley called?

David James: Tiffany’s in Purley. Sunday night Capital Radio DJ Greg Edwards’ show called best disco in town.

Who owns Popworld?

TDR Capital
Stonegate Pub Company is the UK’s largest pub company, it operates around 4,800 managed, leased and tenanted pubs . It is owned by TDR Capital….Stonegate Pub Company.

Industry Hospitality
Owner TDR Capital

What did Popworld used to be called Southampton?

(formerly Reflex; Academy) Nightclub. ID required for entry into the venue. Normally entrance charges apply. A night club located in Southampton’s popular ‘night economy’ area of Bedford Place.

What music is played at Popworld?

SingStar Popworld track listing

  • Annie – Heartbeat.
  • Ashlee Simpson – Pieces of Me.
  • Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi.
  • Beyonce – Crazy in Love.
  • Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up.
  • Girls Aloud – Love Machine.
  • Good Charlotte – I Wanna Live.
  • Hoobastank – The Reason.

Can you wear Converse to a nightclub?

Yes you’ll be fine!

Can you wear shorts in Popworld?

And, cheese-fest favourite Popworld allows ‘smart casual’, but no shorts. XOXO nightclub, beneath Dash, also enforces a dress code which does not allow shorts.

What happened to the Orchid Ballroom Purley?

The end of the 1960s signalled the end of the Orchid as a ballroom and it closed in 1973. A year later a new venue called Tiffany’s opened on its site and for the next 16 years it morphed into a succession of different nightclubs until 1990.

When did Blue Orchid Croydon close?

Despite nearly two decades of queues around the block; these revellers eventually grew up, times moved on and the Blue Orchid closed its doors for the last time in December 2004.

Who is the biggest pub company in the UK?

Originally formed in 2010 with 333 pubs, Stonegate Group is now the largest pub company in the UK following 12 major acquisitions.

What was Popworld before Nuneaton?

(also known as Reflex, formerly Pen & Wig, Queens Head)

Monday Closed
Thursday 9.00 am – 2.00 am
Friday 9.00 am – 3.00 am
Saturday 8.30 pm – 3.00 am
Sunday 9.00 am – 1.00 am

Where was the Magnum club in Southampton?

Magnum Club – Southampton is at JJs & Johnnys Tap Room Emsworth. Having a delicious fish platter and Champange . Highly recommended .

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