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How are domed labels made?

How are domed labels made?

Domed labels are produced by printing images onto labels and then pouring a mixture of clear liquid polyurethane on top of the label. The decals then need to sit a few hours for the polyurethane to fully cure into its permanent three-dimensional shape.

What are 3D stickers called?

Custom Dome (3D) Stickers Dome stickers are also known as 3D stickers, as they have a dynamic three dimensional or bubble-like appearance that is sure to make a style statement.

What is doming in printing?

Doming is a printing technique where several materials, mostly stickers, are being applied with a transparent coating. A resin layer (epoxy resin) gives a 3-D lens effect, and depth and extra brightness to colors.

What are lenticular labels?

3D Depth Effect: 3D Depth lenticular stickers or 3D layered effect create the illusion of movement from changes in independent objects separated in layers. This adds a perspective or distance effect between the elements in your 3D Lenticular stickers.

What are the raised stickers called?

We call them domed labels, but over the years, we’ve heard them referred to in quite a few different ways: Dome Stickers. Bubble Labels. 3D Sticker.

What does doming mean?

noun. The state of being rounded into a dome or a dome-like shape. ‘the doming of the skull’

How is doming done?

How doming works? Depending on the artwork, the doming technician may wipe the sheeted decals with an oiled cloth to promote resin flow. The decal sheets are pressed into place on the doming plates, and then the technician selects the appropriate nozzles and writes the dispensing program for the doming machine.

What resin is used for doming?

Solarez Duro Finish UV Cure Doming Resin is a Clear, Non-Yellowing, Very Hard, Scratch Resistant, and Flexible Doming Resin….Product information.

Product Dimensions 5 x 3.7 x 1.9 inches
Manufacturer Wahoo International Inc.
Date First Available July 26, 2014

How do Lenticulars work?

By printing the composite image onto the back of the lens, a lenticular printing company can create images that look like they move or give an image a greater depth of field so that it appears three dimensional. The reason that this works is due to the special lenticular lens.

What are bump dots used for?

Bump dots are a low-profile, low-cost way to strategically make your home or office space more accessible and increase your effectiveness and independence. What is a bump dot, you ask? These small, raised dots come in all shapes, sizes and textures and can be put on everything from home appliances to school work.

What is a tactile marker?

These peel-and-stick bumps are used to create tactile marking on everyday items, such as computer keyboards, telephone keypads, kitchen objects, piano keys, a remote control, etc. They often come in particularly useful in an office or home office setting.

What is a domed finish?

25th March 2018. A domed label refers to a thick, bubble-like clear polyurethane resin that is applied to printed stickers or labels, giving them a tactile, clear 3D domed finish. Domed labels are sometimes called name plates, domed stickers, gel labels, bubble labels, decals or fascia labels.

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