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How do I get direct suppliers from China?

How do I get direct suppliers from China?

China Supplier – 7 Ways to Find a Reliable Supplier

  1. The Canton Fair. China’s largest import/export convention is held twice a year and covers virtually every industry that makes physical products.
  2. Yiwu Market.
  3. B2B marketplaces.
  4. Sourcing agents.
  5. Google.
  6. Baidu.
  7. Your industry network.

Can you order from China on eBay?

Verify the Item Is Authentic Unfortunately, there have been many instances of counterfeit, fake, or knock-off goods sold on eBay, particularly those from China. Exercise caution when purchasing high-dollar items, such as luxury purses, new iPhones, and cameras.

How do you directly source from China?

4 Options when source from China

  1. Buy directly. That’s what 82% of importers are trying to do.
  2. Use a China sourcing agent. There are thousands of people in China trying to make a living by providing this service.
  3. Buy from a trading company.
  4. Use the service company.

How do I find Chinese suppliers?

How to find suppliers in China

  1. Check Online directories.
  2. Alibaba. Alibaba is the largest and most commonly used marketplace to find suppliers in China.
  3. Network with people who’ve done it before.
  4. Visit Trade shows & webinars.
  5. Local trade shows.
  6. Request for samples.
  7. Enquire about production times.
  8. Minimum order quantities.

Why is stuff from China so cheap on eBay?

How on earth can they sell these items so cheaply and then ship them all the way from Asia for under a buck? However, it’s actually no secret as to how the Chinese are able to ship products abroad so cheaply. The reason is actually rather simple: They receive subsidized postage rates.

What is Chinese eBay called?

You can buy pretty much anything on Taobao — China’s version of eBay and its biggest online trading platform.

How do I start importing goods from China?

How to Import From China in 6 Steps: The Ultimate Guide

  1. 1 Step 1: Select Products to Import.
  2. 2 Step 2: Find Chinese Wholesale Suppliers.
  3. 3 Step 3: Purchase Products.
  4. 4 Step 4: Arrange Cargo Transport.
  5. 5 Step 5: Clear Your Shipment Through Customs.
  6. 6 Step 6: Process Imported Goods for Sale.
  7. 7 Bottom Line.

How do I find a dropshipping seller?

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

  1. Contact manufacturers. Reach out to the manufacturers of the products you want to sell for a list of the suppliers they work with.
  2. Try out Niche Scraper.
  3. Go to a trade show.
  4. Google extensively.
  5. Order from competitors.

How do I become a seller on eBay?

Open My eBay drop-down menu on any eBay page and select Selling. 2. Choose a Personal or Business account, fill out the registration form and click Create account (or you can sign up using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account). After that, provide your contact information and select Continue.

How can I source cheap products from China?

8 Steps to buy cheap products from China Directly

  1. Do product Research on the Market.
  2. Find a Chinese supplier online.
  3. Negotiate the price.
  4. Order Samples.
  5. Check the sample quality.
  6. Order a test bulk production.
  7. Hire an agent to do products in China.
  8. Shipping.

How do I find potential suppliers?

Online is the best way to locate suppliers such as manufacturers and wholesalers. They may also advertise in business directories, such as True Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp, localsearch etc. Attending industry events and exhibitions is another good way to find suppliers and examine their products and services.

How do I know if my Alibaba supplier is real?

To qualify as a Verified Supplier, a supplier’s company profile, production capabilities, products and process controls have to be inspected, assessed and verified by independent third party institutions to assure reputable and consistent expertise on

How much does shipping cost on Alibaba?

The website’s clients come from all walks of life and various countries across the globe. Alibaba ships its products to over 200 countries. Goods that weigh less than or equal to 200 pounds are generally shipped by air transport. The average shipping costs range between $6 and $15 per pound.

How do I avoid Chinese sellers on eBay?

How do I avoid sellers based in China

  1. Item location not giving a city or state Ex.
  2. Extended delivery or handling time frames.
  3. Very low prices w/ Free shipping.
  4. Using a brand name in the title but listing it as unbranded in the item specifics.
  5. American flag symbols and many statements of being a U.S. Seller.

Why did eBay fail in China?

The platform failed to recognize to consider the differences of the Chinese business environment. The manager staff were from Germany and United States. Consequently, there is a language barrier and insufficient understanding on the local market.

Do you need a license to import goods from China?

Do I Need a Permit to Import from China? There is no general import permit for importing products from China. However, you might need a permit to import from a federal agency certain goods from China. Different federal agencies oversee different imported products and requirements can vary.

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