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How much does a genie 34 22 weigh?

How much does a genie 34 22 weigh?

Genie Z-34/22 IC Key Facts: Max. Working Height: 12.62m….Specifications.

Max. Working Height 12.62m
Weight 4,929kg
Travel Width 1.85m
Lifting Mechanism Articulated Boom
Chassis Type RT Diesel Self propelled

What does a Genie z60 34 weigh?

22,520 lbs
Articulating Boom Lift Specifications

Engine Power Option Dual Fuel
Dimensions Wheelbase 8 ft 3 in
Overall Height Stowed 8 ft 10 in
Operational Operating Weight 22,520 lbs
Maximum Speed 3 mph

How much does a JLG e300ajp weight?

15705 lb
Key Specs

Capacity – Hydraulic Reservoir 2.1 gal. / 7.95 L
Machine Weight 15705 lb / 7123.67 kg

How much does a 60 ft manlift weight?

Telescopic Boom Lift Specifications

Engine Power Option Dual Fuel
Dimensions Overall Height Stowed 8 ft 11 in
Overall Length 27 ft 9 in
Ground Clearance 1 ft 2.5 in
Operational Operating Weight 20,570 lbs

How do you charge a Genie boom?

Connect the Lift to a Battery Charger From here, plug the charger into an AC extension cord and plug the cord into an electrical outlet. Keep the length between the electrical cord and charger as short as possible. This minimizes the risk of damage if the cord inadvertently gets run over while the charger is in use.

How much does a JLG e400ajp weigh?

Key Specs

General Specifications
Capacity – Hydraulic Reservoir 20 L / 5.3 gal.
Machine Weight (ANSI Export & CSA) 6214 kg / 13699.5 lb
Machine Weight (CE & GOST) 6350 kg / 13999.4 lb

Who owns Genie lift?

Genie is an American company owned by Terex which manufactures work lifts and platforms used in construction, maintenance, warehouse stocking, and equipment installation. Founded in 1966 by Bud Bushnell, the company operated independently until acquired by Terex in 2002.

How wide is a 60ft boom lift?

With a standard 6 ft (1.83 m) jib, which leads the class in length and capacity for the 60-ft (18.3 m) height class….Overview.

Specification Value
Stowed Height 8 ft 10 in | 2.69 m
Platform Capacity 660 lb | 300 kg
Machine Width 8 ft 2 in – 31 ft 10 in | 2.49 m – 9.70 m

What kind of fuel does a genie lift take?

Dual-fuel options are available for reliable, on-demand performance with the flexibility for indoor/outdoor applications. A switch on the control panels allows instant choice of gasoline or LPG operation.

How long does a genie lift take to charge?

approximately 12 to 16 hours
Comparatively, Genie lifts and other types of electric aerial work platforms (AWPs) can take approximately 12 to 16 hours to charge. It may be possible to use a scissor lift while the machine is being charged, too.

How long do scissor lift batteries last?

between 6 and 48 months
Scissor Lift Battery Lifespan Unfortunately, the lifespan of a scissor lift battery is consistent. In fact, battery suppliers often estimate that a scissor lift battery could last between 6 and 48 months.

How much does a manlift weight?

Key Specs

Capacity – Hydraulic Reservoir 36 gal. / 136.27 L
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure 58 psi / 4.06 Kg/cm2
Machine Weight 14520 lb / 6586.16 kg

Where is Genie equipment manufactured?

Although 70 percent of Genie’s global output comes from its four U.S. factories — Redmond and Moses Lake in Washington, Oklahoma City and Rock Hill, S.C. — the company also manufactures in Italy and China, and imports much of its raw materials, such as steel, from China.

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