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Is a 2004 Fiat Punto a good car?

Is a 2004 Fiat Punto a good car?

The Punto is far more reliable and robust than its reputation suggests. Even so, the power steering system has been known to fail, and clutches can give up the ghost after as few as 40,000 miles, especially if the car has spent most of its life pottering around town.

Is Fiat Punto a reliable car?

This is a car with a long life span, and over the course of that time owners have reported plenty of mixed issues with regard to reliability, though some have praised theirs. The Punto didn’t feature in our most recent reliability survey, but Fiat as a brand finished in 24th place out of 32 manufacturers.

Is a Fiat Punto cheap to run?

Ownership cost Used prices are very reasonable, while fuel consumption, insurance costs and road tax are low. The less-powerful petrols do 47.9mpg, while the turbo-charged 1.4-litre manages between 42.8mpg and 40.9mpg. Both 1.3-litre diesels have an average of 62.8mpg, while the 1.9-litre comes in at 50.4mpg.

How is Fiat Punto Quora?

It’s the class leader right now, when it comes to performance and handling, which other cars can’t even dream to match. And it also offers better features than the Punto Evo and is more value for money with a fuel efficiency of above 25 kmpl and price less than it’s competitors.

How much is a tune up on a Fiat?

How Much is a Tune-Up on a Fiat 500?…Are Fiat 500s Expensive to Maintain?

Fiat 500 Maintenance Cost
Average annual repairs and maintenance $522
Tune-Up cost $268
Alternator replacement $549 – $590

Is Fiat Punto Cambelt or chain?

Timing chain
Fiat Punto 1.3 Multijet = Timing chain, check and possibly replace after 10 years.

What engine is in a Fiat Punto?

The engines are the Fiat 1.2 8v Fire (65 PS), a new 1.4 8v Fire (77 PS) and the 1.4 16v StarJet (95 PS).

Why are Fiat cars so cheap?

Why is it Called FIAT? The acronym FIAT stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, which translates to “Factory Italian Automotive Turin.” The word also means “let there be” in Latin.

Are Fiats good cars to buy used?

Let’s look at their reliability ratings. In terms of reliability, Fiat has a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0 as per RepairPal. It’s not bottom of the barrel reliability score, but it’s still below average, and we wished it could be better. The Italian carmaker ranked 18th out of 32 car brands across 345 models.

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