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Is E63 better than M5?

Is E63 better than M5?

AMG E63 provides the mileage of 8.6 kmpl and M5 provides the mileage of 9.1 kmpl….AMG E63 vs M5 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights AMG E63 M5
Price ₹ 1.77 Crore ₹ 1.73 Crore
Engine Capacity 3982 cc 4395 cc
Power 604 bhp 617 bhp
Transmission Automatic (TC) Automatic (TC)

Is e63s faster than M5?

The M5 Competition is a little more potent, making 617 hp at 6,000 rpm and 553 lb-ft of torque at 1,800 rpm. The AMG, on the other hand, has just one state of tune on our shores-we don’t get the standard E 63. The E 63 S makes 603 hp at 6,500 rpm, and 627 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 rpm.

Is e63s faster than gt63s?

The GT63 S takes the E63 S to the next level, it brings its MCT transmission, 4Matic+, drift mode and the same 4.0 liter V8. But horsepower is bumped up by 27 for a total of 630 and torque remains the same. The GT63 S borrows both the GT R’s active aero and four wheel steering systems and Carbon Ceramics are optional.

Which Mercedes-Benz is faster than BMW M5?

There Is Only The V8

BMW M5 Mercedes E63 AMG
Horsepower 600 (447 kW) 563 (419 kW)
Torque 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) 553 lb-ft (750 Nm)
Top Speed 189 mph (305 kph) / with M Driver’s Package 155 mpg (250 kph)
Acceleration 0-100 kph (62 mph) 3.4 seconds 3.5 seconds

Is BMW M better than AMG?

AMG engines have more power and torque than the ones M-power makes. Most AMG powered cars can go really fast in a straight line and usually sound very amazing. So when it comes to drag racing they’ll most likely outperform BMW M cars every time.

What competes with the BMW M5?

Better yet, round up three of them: the 2021 Audi RS7, the 2021 BMW M5 Competition, and the 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing. The 591-hp Audi is a known quantity, having bested the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe and Mercedes-AMG GT63 S in a recent C/D comparison test of raked-roof four-doors [“Outrage Machines,” May 2021].

Is AMG faster than M?

How fast is the Mercedes E63 AMG?

In our testing, the E63 S charged to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds and ripped up the quarter-mile in 10.9 seconds at 128 mph. Despite being saddled with a pair of turbochargers, the 4.0-liter V-8 sounds almost as wonderful as AMG’s naturally aspirated V-8 engines of yore.

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