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Is FCI an Amphenol?

Is FCI an Amphenol?

Amphenol Corp. has completed the previously announced acquisition of FCI Asia Pte Ltd (FCI), a major manufacturer of interconnect solutions for the telecom, datacom, wireless communications and industrial markets.

What is a FCI connector?

Framatome Connectors International (FCI) is a manufacturer of terminals systems, wire to wire, wire to device, wire to circuit board, flex interconnect, squib interconnects, ECU packages, in-headers, high end cable assembly connector solutions and associated application tooling covering applications such as engine …

What does Amphenol ICC stand for?

Amphenol CS – Interconnect solutions for Communications, Mobile Consumer Products, RF, Optical, Broadband and Commercial electronics.

Who bought FCI?

Amphenol Corp
(Reuters) – Amphenol Corp APH. N, a maker of electronic and fiber optic connectors, said it made a binding offer to acquire Singapore-based electronic connectors maker FCI Asia Pte Ltd for $1.28 billion to strengthen its telecom products business.

What are Amphenol connectors?

The term Amphenol connector refers to various electronics connectors that are introduced, or made primarily by Amphenol Corp. Depending on the area of electronics concerned, it may refer specifically to: MIL-DTL-5015 / MIL-C-5015, a circular connector. MIL-DTL-26482 / MIL-C-26482, a circular bayonet connector.

How do you use a clincher connector?

Simply insert the end of the cable into the connector and press it closed. The teeth inside the connector will “clinch” around the conductors and break them out to two female 0.1″ spaced pin headers!

How do you spell Amphenol?

Amphenol is a portmanteau from the corporation’s original name, American Phenolic Corp. Amphenol was founded in Chicago in 1932 by entrepreneur Arthur J. Schmitt, whose first product was a tube socket for radio tubes (valveholder bases).

Who is the CEO of Amphenol?

Richard Adam Norwitt (Jan 1, 2009–)Amphenol / CEO

Where is Amphenol headquarters?

Wallingford, CTAmphenol / Headquarters

Founded in 1932, Amphenol trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker APH and is headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA.

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