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Is Hallmark making a sequel to Nine Lives of Christmas?

Is Hallmark making a sequel to Nine Lives of Christmas?

In the highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s The Nine Lives of Christmas, seven years have passed since Zachary (Brandon Routh) and Marilee (Kimberley Sustad) first fell in love. Currently single and now a firehouse Captain, Zachary is planning his usual Christmas ski trip getaway.

When was the first Hallmark Christmas movie?

The block is branded as Countdown to New Years from December 26 until January 1 and culminates with the channel’s broadcast of the Tournament of Roses Parade. Countdown to Christmas started in 2009, while the channel’s first holiday original movie was aired in 2000.

Does Hallmark movies now include countdown to Christmas?

But while Hallmark Movies Now does air holiday content, it won’t be the same as “Countdown to Christmas.” The subscription service cost is $59.99 a year (which breaks down to $4.99 a month), or a monthly subscription available for $5.99 each month.

Do any Hallmark Christmas movies have sequels?

Everything is wrapped up in a bow. But what if that wasn’t it? After all, the 2021 offerings feature a couple sequels to previous movies — The Nine Kittens of Christmas (to 2014’s The Nine Lives of Christmas) and The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls (to 2020’s The Christmas House).

Is the 9 kittens of Christmas a sequel?

The Nine Kittens of Christmas (8 p.m., Hallmark) – Cat lovers Zachary and Marilee are thrown back together at Christmastime when they’re tasked with finding homes for a litter of adorable kittens. This is the sequel to The Nine Lives of Christmas and stars Brandon Routh, Kimberley Sustad and Gregory Harrison.

Where can I watch old Hallmark movies?

The most direct way to view Hallmark original movies is to simply sign up for Hallmark Movies Now, Hallmark’s own streaming service.

What is considered the best Hallmark movie?

The Best Hallmark Movies of All Time

  • The Christmas Card (2006) Hallmark.
  • The Lost Valentine (2011) Hallmark.
  • A Country Wedding (2015) Hallmark.
  • When Sparks Fly (2014) Hallmark.
  • Dater’s Handbook (2016) Hallmark.
  • A Winter Princess (2019) Hallmark.
  • Harvest Moon (2015) Hallmark.
  • A Royal Christmas (2014) Hallmark.

Who is the most popular male actor on Hallmark?

Top 10 Hallmark Movie Actors

  • Brendan Penny. ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster.
  • Paul Greene. Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Owen Strongman.
  • Carlos PenaVega.
  • Andrew Walker.
  • Ryan Paevey.
  • Paul Campbell.
  • Wes Brown.
  • Chad Michael Murray.

How do I watch older Hallmark Christmas movies?

Where can i stream old Hallmark Christmas movies?

What are Hallmark’s Streaming Services/Apps?

  • Hallmark Channel Everywhere: The free streaming service allows users to tune in to the Hallmark Channel live.
  • Hallmark Movies Now: The video subscription streaming service, which starts at $4.99 a month, includes more than 1,000 hours of original content.
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