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Is there a train that goes through Denali National Park?

Is there a train that goes through Denali National Park?

In the summer season (mid-May to mid-September) the Alaska Railroad’s Denali Star Train stops twice daily, connecting Denali to Anchorage, Talkeetna and Fairbanks. Denali National Park was established in 1917, just six years before the completion of the Alaska Railroad in 1923.

Where does the train drop you off in Denali?

The train from Anchorage arrives at the park 3:55 pm and gets into Fairbanks at 8 pm. The Denali River Cabins & Cedar’s Lodge provide complementary pick up and drop off at the train station in Denali Park.

How much is the train ride from Anchorage to Denali?


Route Adventure Class Adult/Child (2-11) (VALUE PRICING) GoldStar Service Adult/Child (2-11) (VALUE PRICING)
Anchorage/Wasilla to Denali $144/72 $287/167 (B) (L)
Anchorage/Wasilla to Fairbanks $205/103 $405/242 (B) (L) (D)
Talkeetna to Anchorage $90/45 $226/133 (D)
Talkeetna to Wasilla $90/45 $226/133 (D)

Is it better to drive or take train from Anchorage to Denali?

3. Re: train or drive Anchorage to Denali? I would always recommend a car over the train. It just gives you so many more options and flexibility for your stay.

Is Denali train ride worth it?

The Alaska Railroad Denali Star “Gold Star” Class offers the fanciest digs between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Though it’s by far the longest at 12 hours, the train definitely provides the most relaxed way to enjoy the scenic trip.

How do you get around Denali without a car?

Three types of free buses operate on the publicly-driveable portion of the Denali Park Road. These enable visitors without vehicles, or those who wish to leave their vehicle behind, to travel between various facilities, trails, campgrounds and day-use areas. All of these are free, and none require reservations.

Does Alaska Railroad have sleeper cars?

Does the Alaska Railroad have sleeper cars? No. Overnight options are available through Alaska Railroad’s many tour and hotel partners.

What is the most scenic train ride in Alaska?

Most Scenic Alaska Railroad Trips. Most people that have traveled the entire Alaska Railroad system would likely agree that either the Denali Star route between Anchorage and Denali or the Coastal Classic Route between Anchorage and Seward is the most scenic.

How long is train ride from Anchorage to Denali?

Duration: 7.5 hours (From Anchorage Train Depot to Denali Train Depot.)

Is there Uber in Denali?

DENALI — The ride-sharing service Uber has come to the Denali area, offering another transportation option to locals and visitors.

How long is train ride from Denali to Anchorage?

7.5 hours
Duration: 7.5 hours (From Anchorage Train Depot to Denali Train Depot.)

How do you get around Anchorage without a car?

No Car? No Problem: Here’s How to Visit Anchorage Without a Vehicle

  1. Catch a shuttle. Many Anchorage hotels offer shuttle service to and from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.
  2. Explore by bike.
  3. Catch the train.
  4. Enjoy a walking tour.
  5. Flag a rideshare.
  6. Catch a bus.

How can I spend a day in Denali National Park?

How to Spend One Epic Day in Denali National Park: Three Complete Denali Itineraries

  1. Denali Bus Depot to Teklanika River (30 Miles, ~1 hour)
  2. Teklanika River to Toklat River (23 Miles, ~1 hour)
  3. Toklat River to Eielson Visitor Center (13 Miles, ~1 hour)
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