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What do you get for winning card tournament ff9?

What do you get for winning card tournament ff9?

The prize is 15000 Gil. The shop also has upgrades available, including a Coral Sword for Steiner. Buy it if you failed to steal one from Lani earlier. Next up is the Auction House where the Dark Matter can be won.

How do I get Ragtime Mouse?

Ragtime Mouse appears randomly in the forests on the world map….Finding Ragtime Mouse

  1. After leaving the Evil Forest to before arriving at the Outer Continent = 4 times.
  2. Arriving at the Outer Continent to before getting the Hilda Garde III = 10+ times.
  3. After gaining the Hilda Garde III = All encounters available.

Where can I buy a Tetra Master card?

Tetra Master/Cards

Name Location
Flare Magic Master Thalisa (Card Stadium – Treno)
Shiva Ring bell in Alexandria Steeple (Disc 3, before Alexandria’s destruction), Win from Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium – Treno)
Ifrit Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium – Treno)

Where is friendly Jabberwock ff9?

Friendly Jabberwock Found in the forest east of Oeilvert. Requires a Blue Chocobo or better to gain access. Alternatively accessible once you have the Invincible on Disc 4.

What is the point of a Tetra Master?

Following Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad, Tetra Master is the second of the series to introduce a card minigame. Unlike Triple Triad, the cards cannot be turned into items and the player will not receive usable rewards other than more cards from playing the game.

Who wrote I Want to Be Your Canary ff9?

“I Want To Be Your Canary” was written by Lord Afon.

Should I give Moonstone to feather circle?

Feather Circle will ask for a Moonstone and the reward is a Lapis Lazuli and 30 AP. Note that giving A Moonstone to the Feather Circle will not impact your ability to obtain the Over the Moon Trophy.

Where are the best cards in ff9?

Collector’s Level And All Card Locations

# Card Location
079 Genji Won from Black Mage No.123 (Black Mage Village – Inn)
080 Mythril Sword Won from Weapon Master Hunt (Treno – Card Stadium)
081 Blue Narciss Won from Four-Armed Man (Daguerreo – Right Hall)
082 Hilda Garde 3 Won from Four-Armed Man (Daguerreo – Right Hall)

How do you always win Tetra Master?

Tetra Master Strategies Taking advantage of weak cards with as many arrows as possible and the combo system is a good way to increase your chances of winning. Having 4 weak cards with 1 strong and strategic card placement will allow you to take back any capture cards in a huge combo at the end of the match.

Can I get back to Dali ff9?

Revisiting the Village of Dali Back on the world map, go west of Treno and pass through the South Gate. Upon entering Dali, go to the back of the village and enter the windmill. From here, you can go inside of the mayor’s house via the exit in the bottom left.

What can you steal from Black Waltz 3?


Item Stolen Steal Rate
Steepled Hat 100%
Linen Cuirass 25%
Silver Gloves 6.25%

What level should I be to beat Ozma ff9?

Ozma is level 99, which means that Quina’s LV3 Def-less will work against him. Freya can use Jump to escape the battle for a moment, potentially letting her avoid Ozma’s devastating attacks. Preparing against Doomsday is a key strategy for this battle. Doomsday deals Shadow damage to everyone on the field.

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