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What does TDS mean in NFL?

What does TDS mean in NFL?

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Games (G) The number of game a player has played at a given position.
Touchdowns (TDS) Player scores a touchdown immediately after an interception, fumble, or blocked kick.
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Field Goals
Made (M) Good kicks between the goal posts.

What is the highest number of touchdowns in an NFL game?

On December 12, 1965, the rookie running back Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears scores six touchdowns during a single game against the San Francisco 49ers at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, tying the National Football League (NFL) record for most touchdowns in a single game.

Who holds the most NFL records?

Brady owns the NFL’s record book

Category Value All-Time Rank
Passing touchdowns 624 1st
Playoff pass completions 1,165 1st
Playoff passing yards 13,049 1st
Playoff passing touchdowns 86 1st

What does 2+ TD mean?

Player to score 2+ TDs You can place your bets on a player to hit paydirt two or more times in the same game.

What does 1+ TDs mean on FanDuel?

This special promotion for Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert to throw at least one touchdown with boosted odds of +1500 is open for new users who sign up at the FanDuel Sportsbook. The max bet on this promotion is $5, meaning you will get a payout of $80, if the outcome comes to fruition.

Who has thrown 7 TDS in a game?


Player TD Boxscore
Drew Brees 7 New Orleans Saints vs. New York Giants, November 1, 2015
Nick Foles 7 Philadelphia Eagles vs. Oakland Raiders, November 3, 2013
Peyton Manning+ 7 Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens, September 5, 2013
Joe Kapp 7 Minnesota Vikings vs. Baltimore Colts, September 28, 1969

Who has throw 7 TDS in an NFL game?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles tied the NFL single-game record for touchdown passes by throwing for seven scores in Sunday’s 49-20 win over the Oakland Raiders.

Who is the best QB in history?

25 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History

  • Joe Namath, 1965-77.
  • Dan Fouts, 1973-87.
  • Philip Rivers, 2004-20.
  • Jim Kelly, 1986-96.
  • Eli Manning, 2004-19.
  • Kurt Warner, 1998-2009.
  • Sammy Baugh, 1937-52.
  • Terry Bradshaw, 1970-83.

What is a 1+ TD bet?

What does over 2.5 touchdowns mean?

If you bet that he would score over 2.5 touchdowns and he scores 3 or more, you win the bet. Again, it does not matter whether or not his team wins the game.

Who has threw 6 touchdowns in a game?

Tom Brady had his most passing touchdowns in a game on October 18, 2009 and on October 21, 2007, with 6 touchdowns.

Who has the most 6 TD games?

Peyton Manning
Who has the most career 6 or more touchdown passing regular-season games?…Interpreted as:

NAME Peyton Manning
TD 19
CMP 70
ATT 95
PCT 73.7
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