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What is SAP SM37 Tcode?

What is SAP SM37 Tcode?

Transaction code SM37 is to monitor the background, batch jobs running in the system. 1. From the initial screen, you can search by the job name, user name or program name accordingly with the time condition.

How do I use SAP in SM37?

Step 1) Execute T-code SM37….Step 2) Fill the required criteria.

  1. Job name and username(by which job is scheduled).
  2. Select job status which you want to monitor. If you find a system performance issue or if a task is not completed for a very long time, then select active status.
  3. Put the date range as per your requirement.

How do I edit my job in SM37?

To change an SAP job, go to transaction SM37. There you can get an overview of all jobs in the different statuses. To change a job that has already been released, select it in the overview and then choose “Job > Released – Scheduled” from the menu bar. The job can now be processed again and then released again.

How do I cancel a SM37 job?

to cancel a background job goto sm37 which is used to monitor a background job select the job scheduled , canceled , finished ,active ,released and then click execute the list of background jobs running is displayed select your background job and then check the background job and either you delete the background job or …

What is SM37 spool list?

SM37 means to view spool, but includes also access to the jobs,which it is not neccesary for the users. If the need is to view spool of other users then use SP01 with the authorizations object S_ADMI_FCD and S_SPO_ACT included in the authorization profile.

How do I view job logs in SAP?


  1. Go to Select Background Jobs using Transaction SM37 or by choosing CCMS Jobs Maintenance .
  2. Select the jobs you want to review in the job log by specifying conditions that identify the job or jobs, including job name, user name, job status, start condition, or contents of a job step.

How can I check my job status in SAP?

SAP Basis – Monitoring a Background Job

  1. Step 1 − Use transaction code — SM37.
  2. Step 2 − Use * in the Job Name column and select the status to see all the jobs created by this user.
  3. Step 3 − Upon execution, all the jobs that have been created by the mentioned user and match the selection criteria are displayed.

How do I change job time in SAP?

Go to SM37 –> select the job need to modify –> click on job menu –> change the status from Released to Scheduled –> now click on flag button (Release) . Here you can change the time for job.

How do I change a batch job name in SAP?

Go to SM37, enter the criteria to get the ‘Released’ jobs you want and execute. Once you get the job list, select each job and in the menu “Job–>Change”. Once the Job change screen opens, click on step, select the step, click again on change and in the user field, enter your id.

How do you rerun a Cancelled job in SM37?

goto sm37 -> ENTER JOB NAME -> Select job name -> Job ->Repeat scheduling -> click on immediate.

How do I create a spool list recipient in SAP?

Send Spool list of background job to SAP inbox

  1. Go to SM36, specify a jobname for example, YRECONKEYCLOSE. In the same screen of SM36, you will find a button as “Spool list recipient”.
  2. Click the button “Spool list recipient”.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Double-click on the mail displayed on the right pane of the window.

How can I check my job log?

The following list describes additional ways to access job logs:

  1. Basic Operations > Printers.
  2. Basic Operations > User Jobs > Right-click a job > Printer Output.
  3. Work Management > Active Jobs > Right-click a job > Printer Output.
  4. Work Management > Output Queues.

How do I find my work history in SAP?

How do I reschedule a finished job in SAP?

Rescheduled jobs will not run in the future. Remeber, you cannot deschedule the job once it’s in active status. Step 1) Execute SM37. Step 2) Fill the criteria….How to Reschedule a background job

  1. Job name and username by which job is scheduled.
  2. Select the status.
  3. Specify the date range.
  4. Press Execute(F8) button.

How do I reschedule a failed job in SAP?

Step-1: Go to SM37. Step-2: It navigates to “Simple Job Selection”. Enter the job name that requires to reschedule/unscheduled. Click on Execute(F8) button.

How do I view batch jobs in SAP?

How do I reprocess a Cancelled job in SAP?

How do you restart a failed job in SAP?

Step by step procedure to re-execute the failed job due to lack of authorization:

  1. For executing Attribute change run, Go to the option Apply Hierarchy/Attribute Change run in Tools & check whether we have any infoobject/hierarchy pending for change run.
  2. Then execute it, a background job will get started.
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