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What is the meaning of the phrase for that matter?

What is the meaning of the phrase for that matter?

phrase. You can use for that matter to emphasize that the remark you are making is true in the same way as your previous, similar remark. [emphasis]

How do you use for that matter in a sentence?

Example sentences — I’ve decided to give up drinking coffee, and tea for that matter. — For that matter, we’ve already explained why you were not supposed to go out last night. — For that matter, we’ll have to hire someone to clean up after the event. I’m not doing it all by myself again.

What is the meaning of any other?

Definition of any other 1 —used to refer to a person or thing that is not particular or specific but is not the one named or referred to Any other day but tomorrow would be okay. There weren’t any other children for us to play with.

Is there a comma before for that matter?

Compound Sentences with “for that matter” A compound sentence with “for that matter” contains at least two independent clauses. These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction or with a semicolon.

Can you say for that matter?

You can use for that matter to emphasize that the remark you are making is true in the same way as your previous, similar remark. The irony was that Shawn had not seen her. Nor for that matter had anyone else.

How do you say for this reason in other words?

synonyms for for this reason

  1. accordingly.
  2. so.
  3. then.
  4. thus.
  5. consequently.
  6. hence.
  7. thence.
  8. and so.

What is a sentence with the word matter?

[M] [T] I want to spend more time doing things that matter. [M] [T] I don’t think he has anything to do with the matter. [M] [T] No matter how much she eats, she never gains weight. [M] [T] No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t please him.

Is all that matters Meaning?

It means “that (i.e. the fact that he is fine) is the only thing which is important”.

Is it an other or another?

When we use the indefinite article an before other, we write it as one word: another. Another means ‘one more’ or ‘an additional or extra’, or ‘an alternative or different’.

Is there any other or are there any other?

We use ‘is there any…? ‘ with uncountable nouns and ‘are there any…? ‘ with plural countable nouns. “Is there any…?” can only be used with uncountable nouns.

How do you punctuate that matter?

The general rule for punctuating these elements is that, because a restrictive element is essential to the meaning of a sentence, it should not be set off by commas (or, for that matter, by dashes or parentheses), while a non-restrictive element should be set off by punctuation.

Do you put a comma after that?

1) Do not place a comma before “that”; 2) Do not place a comma before who or which if the information provided by the relative clause is essential; 3) Place a comma before who or which if the relative clause is not necessary to know who or what the speaker means.

What’s another word for in this case?

What is another word for in that case?

then that being the case
under those circumstances accordingly
because of that because of this
due to this ergo
for that reason for this reason

What is another way to say so that?

What is another word for so that?

that in order that
in such a way that with the intention that
with the purpose that with the result that
with the intent that in order for
because in such a manner

How do you use matter as a verb?

Examples of matter in a Sentence Verb It may not matter to you, but it matters a lot to me! “Why are you being so quiet?” “Does it matter?” “Of course it matters!”

Does it really matter or matters?

“It doesn’t matter” is correct one. because in the negative sentences of present indefinite tenses, we always use first form of the verb. It doesn’t matter is the correct way. Your subject is the word it, which is singular, so it needs the singular verb matters.

How do you use all that matters?

Both are correct. You use you are all that “matters” when the subject you’re referring to is singular (one person) and you are all that “matter” when the subject is plural (more than one person).

What matters the most meaning?

When you say “what matters most” you’re either talking about a single thing: the thing that comes top of the “mattering” charts, if you like, or a group of things which are all at the “top of the mattering charts”.

How do you use other in a sentence?

We can use the other as a pronoun, especially to refer back to something which has been mentioned already in the sentence: He had his hat in one hand and a bunch of flowers in the other. She has two kittens, one is black and the other is all white.

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