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What is the PFC responsible for?

What is the PFC responsible for?

The prefrontal cortex (PFC) plays a central role in cognitive control functions, and dopamine in the PFC modulates cognitive control, thereby influencing attention, impulse inhibition, prospective memory, and cognitive flexibility.

Which lobe is important for reasoning?

The frontal lobe is generally where higher executive functions including emotional regulation, planning, reasoning and problem solving occur.

What does prefrontal cortex mean?

Definition of prefrontal cortex : the gray matter of the anterior part of the frontal lobe that is highly developed in humans and plays a role in the regulation of complex cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

Which part of the brain controls thinking and reasoning?

The largest part of the brain, the cerebrum initiates and coordinates movement and regulates temperature. Other areas of the cerebrum enable speech, judgment, thinking and reasoning, problem-solving, emotions and learning. Other functions relate to vision, hearing, touch and other senses.

Does the prefrontal cortex control memory?

The results of neurophysiological studies have shown that the prefrontal cortex is involved in correct performance of the delayed-response task and confirmed that the prefrontal cortex plays an important role in spatial short-term memory function.

What is hippocampus brain?

Hippocampus is a complex brain structure embedded deep into temporal lobe. It has a major role in learning and memory. It is a plastic and vulnerable structure that gets damaged by a variety of stimuli. Studies have shown that it also gets affected in a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Which side of the brain controls logical thinking?

left brain
According to Sperry’s dated research, the left brain helps you with: logic. sequencing. linear thinking.

What part of the brain controls memory and concentration?

The prefrontal cortex
The prefrontal cortex plays an important part in memory, intelligence, concentration, temper and personality.

What part of the brain is used for memory?

Most available evidence suggests that the functions of memory are carried out by the hippocampus and other related structures in the temporal lobe. (The hippocampus and the amygdala, nearby, also form part of the limbic system, a pathway in the brain (more…)

What side of the brain controls memory?

Our brains have two sides, or hemispheres. In most people, language skills are in the left side of the brain. The right side controls attention, memory, reasoning, and problem solving. RHD may lead to problems with these important thinking skills.

Is amygdala responsible for memory?

Memory Formation An area in which the amygdala is most prominent is within the formation of memories, especially those which are emotional. As the amygdala is remarkably close to, and forms connections with the hippocampus (a memory structure of the brain), these two often work together to make memories more memorable.

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