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What is the prayer for enemy?

What is the prayer for enemy?

Heavenly and Almighty Father, help me to be strong when others attack. Instead of responding in anger, remind me to pray for my enemies. To pray for your blessing and peace over them, for their hurting hearts to mend. For evil spills out of a hurting heart, a heart that is distant from you, Lord.

Is it good to pray against your enemies?

You cannot pray against your enemies out of hatred. We do see numerous biblical examples of what are called ‘imprecatory’ prayers. Imprecatory prayers are prayers for divine justice or punishment to come for someone who is practicing evil.

What verse is pray for your enemies?

In the chapter, Jesus refutes the teaching of some that one should “hate [one’s] enemies”….

Matthew 5:44
Christian Bible part New Testament

How do you pray for someone who has wronged you?

Gracious Lord, I pray for You to please heal my mind, so the thoughts of what happened are not playing over and over again. I pray You will heal my wounds so that they do not leave a permanent emotional scar. Guard me so that their hateful actions will not overcome me, but I will be an overcomer through Your strength.

How do you pray when someone is against you?

For you, ask that God remove any hatred that has entered your heart and mind. For someone else, ask that God bless this person so that the harsh feelings that they are feeling will dissipate. Pray for understanding, kindness, and a softened heart for this person.

Does God punish those who hurt others?

Here is what the Scripture says: God is just. He will punish through everlasting destruction and those who are so punished will be shut out from the presence of the Lord, forever. This will happen when Jesus Christ is revealed. This is one of the hardest truths in the Bible.

Will God punish those who hurt me?

How do you act when you see your enemy?

Keep the following 5 tips in mind:

  1. Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Words are cheap.
  2. Get to Know Everyone in Your Organization.
  3. Tactfully Solicit Advice from People Who Can Help You.
  4. Never Let Your Enemy Know That You’re ‘onto’ Them.
  5. Wait It Out.
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