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Where are Zu speakers made?

Where are Zu speakers made?

Ogden, Utah
And to keep our creative edge and quality of build Zu products are designed and manufactured in our home town of Ogden, Utah.

What drivers does Zu Audio use?

Its a co-axial driver. There are some good reviews ones from Tang Band & Seas. The heart of any great loudspeaker system is the driver(s) and with Soul we think we’ve done something pretty special.

What is high end speakers?

High-end audio is a class of consumer home audio equipment marketed to audiophiles on the basis of high price or quality, and esoteric or novel sound reproduction technologies.

What is a good speaker frequency range?

For speakers, headphones and microphones, ± 2 or 3dB is considered very good.

How good are Zu speakers?

You will always notice full, deep, and effortless bass tones emanating from Zu Audio speakers’ designs. I always was impressed with the sound of Zu speakers when exhibiting at audio shows. Sean and his staff exude passion and know-how to have fun with show-goers. The fun makes the listening experience more enjoyable.

Do full range speakers need a crossover?

Probably the biggest difference with fullrange speakers is there’s no need for a crossover (although possibly a single resistor to tame an unruly peak) and phase alignment isn’t a problem between drivers – since there’s only one.

What is the advantage of full-range speakers?

Pros: Sounds originates from a “single point in space” …. this means there are no peaks or cancellations in the frequency response, due to two physically separated drivers interfering with each other.

Can I use full-range speaker as a subwoofer?

You can’t take any speaker and make it into a subwoofer by conversion. Subwoofer speaker drivers are specially designed to reproduce low frequencies, below 50–60 Hz, efficiently at the cost of all other frequencies.

What brand has the best speakers?

Top 10 Speaker Brands

  • BOSE: is one of the top speaker brands in the world, best known for its incredible audio systems and speakers.
  • SENNHEISER: This German-based company’s speakers offer some of the best audio balance equipment available.
  • SONY:
  • JBL:
  • KEF:
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