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Who was Yuki Tabata inspired by?

Who was Yuki Tabata inspired by?

Influences. Tabata has cited Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball as a major influence over his work, even stating it was one of the main reasons he decided to become a manga artist. Tabata has also cited Kentaro Miura’s Berserk and Tite Kubo’s Bleach as sources of inspiration.

What anime did Yuki Tabata?

Yuuki Tabata

  • Known For. Black Clover Writer (2017-2019)
  • Jump Force Writer (2019)
  • Black Clover: Jump Festa Special Writer (2016)
  • Writer. Black Clover (2017-2019)
  • Jump Force (2019)
  • Writer. Black Clover: Jump Festa Special (2016)

Who is Tabata Black Clover?

Yūki Tabata 「田畠裕基 Tabata Yūki」 (born July 30, 1984) is a Japanese comic book artist 「漫画家 mangaka」 who is known for his Black Clover series. He is from Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.

What was Black Clover inspired by?

An action-shounen anime based on Yūki Tabata’s manga, Black Clover is worth checking out for fans of Naruto, One Piece, and Fairy Tail.

How much money does Black Clover make?

In 2018 Black Clover made over 1.4 Billion Yen in the entire year… in 2020 they made 1.6 Billion yen a single MONTH!

Is Black Clover inspired from bleach?

I am pretty sure their was no direct inspiration from Black clover to Bleach. But I still thought it was kinda funny because since both authors had a similar history. Both had their manga’s axed that showed potential. Both made another series that became really popular.

Is Black Clover a Naruto copy?

The majority of people hating on Black Clover always call it a Naruto clone but some of the things they say Black Clover copies are just common shounen troupes that Black Clover is just more vocal about but in a good way and some of those troupes are also done differently in both series.

Is Asta similar to Naruto?

Somehow Naruto and Asta are shockingly similar with how they act, what their dreams are and how they were born different from the rest. Sasuke and Yuno are similar as well with their rankings in both series, so the rivalry in both animes are similar as well.

Is Black Clover copied?

No! Not at all. Black Clover is its own manga. Read the manga and you will understand it.

Is Black Clover appropriate for 12 year olds?

Appropriate for kids, yet hides in more mature and dark material that adults would be more familiar with as well. The darker stuff is done in a way that you get the point more if your a adult, but not too gruesome that it would be bad for kids.

Does Japan like Black Clover?

In fact, overall sales for Black Clover in Japan pit it against titles like Tokyo Ghoul and Kingdom. In fact, Black Clover was able to beat out some of the top-performing manga titles internationally in sales. According to Oricon, the manga sold 2.03 million copies between November 2017 to May 2018.

Is Black Clover copy of Naruto?

No, Black Clover is not similar to Naruto. Is Black Clover ripping off Naruto? Mana- chakra, wizard king- hokage, protagonists with loud annoying voice and dumb. The themes (hard work, fighting against disadvantage… )are similar but if you think about it that goes for a lot of other animes.

Can Naruto beat Asta?

Despite his transformation from a whiny underdog to a powerful wizard, Asta, the protagonist of Black Clover, can’t take down Naruto. In fact, there’s a good chance he would be defeated at any stage in his training. Strength, speed, and new muscles don’t matter when Naruto is faster and stronger than he is.

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