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Why was Chowder cartoon Cancelled?

Why was Chowder cartoon Cancelled?

Chowder was canceled by Cartoon Network in August 2009, as the network felt the show did not fit its new demographic of older boys, favoring shows such as the live-action Destroy, Build, Destroy instead.

What episode did Chowder say pretty please?

Chowder’s Catering Company is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Chowder and the twenty-eighth episode overall.

Who does Chowder have a crush on?

This article explains the (mostly one-sided) relationship/attraction between Chowder and Panini. Chowder – He is a cat/bear/rabbit creature that likes to eat a lot. He dislikes Panini because she always tries to flirt with him. Panini – She is the same creature as Chowder whom has a huge crush on him.

What is schnitzel on Chowder?

Shnitzel (also known as Schnitzel) is one of the main characters on Chowder. He is an employee of Mung Daal Catering who not only gets underpaid, but has to endure the daily shenanigans of his boss’s apprentice Chowder. He was voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voices Jake and Bender.

What is schnitzel on chowder?

What episode of Chowder does schnitzel talk?

In the episode, “The Trouble With Truffles”, Truffles gets a smooth, Southern voice, and while everyone is saying how calm it is because of Truffles’ voice, Shnitzel starts speaking normally and says, “Yeah, I’m so calm. Now the audience can finally understand me!

Who is chowders mom and dad?

Chowder’s Parents are unseen characters from the 2006 film, Monster House. Actually no voices of the characters are heard. Chowder’s father was mentioned to own a local pharmacy, while his mother is absent due to being with a personal fitness trainer, mentioned around the scene where Jenny first enters DJ’s house.

How old is Mung Daal?

Although his exact age has not been stated, he has mentioned that he has cooked for at least 386 years,and he celebrated 450 years of marriage to Truffles (see below). He is a blue-colored humanoid of indeterminate species.

Who is Chowder Dad?

Mung Daal
Despite having no children, Mung Daal has apparently assumed the role of fatherhood for his apprentice, taking care of Chowder as a parent would, and allowing him to live in-house.

How many episodes of Chowder Grows Up are there?

Two more seasons were produced, with the series finale, “Chowder Grows Up”, airing on August 7, 2010. This season consists of 20 episodes. Prod. Chowder, Mung Daal, and Shnitzel make a “Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin” for a customer.

What problem does chowder have in the chef’s apprentice?

A young child by the name of Chowder is the chef’s apprentice. Chowder believes that one day, he will be a widely respected chef like the one he is working with, Mung Daal. However, Chowder has a problem. He cannot stop gorging himself on the culinary delights by which he finds himself surrounded.

What is Mr chowder and Mr fugu?

” Chowder and Mr. Fugu ” – Chowder must take a consumer on tour around Marzipan City, but to his dismay, Mr. Fugu can eat more than he does and doesn’t get any of the food. Guest stars: George Takei as Foie Gras, the ” Lucky Cat “.

Why does chowder breathe fire when he eats peppers?

Convincing Chowder that he’s dead, they both attempt to get his “spirit” to pass on to the other side. After Chowder eats a group of hot peppers in order to keep them from escaping the kitchen and burn down the city, he begins to breathe fire whenever he opens his mouth, whether he wants to or not.

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