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Can you turbo an H22?

Can you turbo an H22?

Short of the K-series motors, the H22 has the most torque out of any Honda four-cylinder motor and backs it up with 200-plus hp. Bolt a turbo setup onto a stock H22 and it becomes a very potent machine. Build a turbo motor out of an H22 and it’s unstoppable.

How many miles can a prelude last?

Absolutely love the Prelude. With basic maintenance these cars will last 250k+ with minimal problems, if you have a 5 speed. Keep the oil topped off the valves adjusted, and with regular tuneups every 40,000 miles, this car will never leave you stranded.

How much HP does a prelude make?

Models and Markets

Model Engine
Code Power
SE (1995) H23A1 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp)
VTEC (93-96) H22A1 190 PS (140 kW; 187 hp)
Prelude F22A1 133 PS (98 kW; 131 hp)

How much horsepower does a K24 engine have?

160 hp
When you consider the fact that this was one of the first K-series engines, its 160 hp and 162 lb-ft torque figures don’t seem that low. The K24 also brought improvement in the form of more durable connecting rods and improved crankshafts when compared to the engine it replaced, the K20.

Why did Honda stop making Prelude?

Why did Honda stop making the Prelude? Unfortunately, as Honda’s premium alter ego Acura gained in popularity, the Prelude’s semi-lofty price tag cut sales significantly toward the end of the fifth-generation.

Are Honda Preludes expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Honda Prelude ranges from $95 to $2208, with an average of $284.

Are Honda preludes Reliable?

Hondas have a reputation for reliability, and generally the Prelude is no exception. However, the automatic gearbox has caused some problems. Those fitted to the 2.2-litre engine suffered the most, with complete failures not uncommon.

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