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Did the Impala come with a 427?

Did the Impala come with a 427?

The Super Sports Impala Super Sport models could be ordered with the 409 big block in ’61, the Mark IV 396 in early 1965, and the 427 starting in 1966. These cars were at the top of the Chevrolet passenger-car pecking order, offering space, style and plenty of performance.

What years did GM make the 427 engine?

Chevrolet’s 427 cubic-inch big-block didn’t last long, but it made an indelible mark in the performance world. The Mark IV big-block 427, available only from 1966–69, is the one that muscle car fans perhaps most revere.

What motor is in a 67 Impala SS?

The 1967 Chevrolet Impala was offered with a choice of two different base engines, namely the 250ci (4.1-liter) six-cylinder unit developing 155 horsepower and the 283ci (4.6-liter) V8 whose output reached 195 horsepower.

What Motors came in a 1966 Impala SS?

While either the 427/390 L36 or the 427/425 L72 were low-production engines for the Impala SS, they were not the lowest. Almost all Impala SS models were equipped with V-8 engines, though 823 two-door hardtops and just 89 convertibles were equipped with the 250ci, 155hp straight-six.

How much horsepower does a stock 427 have?

The 427 lived in both station wagons and as well as Corvettes and Camaros. Fans of this engine tout the 435-horsepower L71 version of the 427 which powered the Chevy Corvette from 1967-1969. These cars could run 13-second quarter-miles right from the factory, and that was absolutely cooking back in the late ’60s.

What LS motor is a 427?

Chevy LS 427 LS7 Pump Gas Engine $17,050

Igniton Components
Ignition Package Includes: (8) Coil Packs, Spark Plug Wires, Cam Sensor, Crank Sensor w/Engine Wiring Harnesses $895
MSD LS Controller (6014) Programmable Electronic Ignition Box (For 24T/58T Reluctor Wheel). Available in Black or Red. $475

Did Chevy make a 4-door SS Impala?

The SS package was indeed available on ALL Impalas, as noted in this 1961 ad that I found. I’ve never seen a 4-door hardtop 1961 SS, but they were available, as were SS 2-door and 4-door posts, and, of course the coupe and convertible. 9 people found this helpful.

Is 427 considered a big-block?

The L88 427 was the ultimate expression of Chevy’s production Big-Block power, combining a rigid iron cylinder block with lightweight aluminum cylinder heads.

How much HP does a 427 LS have?

Available Qty: 0

Displacement: 427″ 4.125”
Power Output (HP): 2500HP 4.000”
Compression Ratio: 10:1 (specify in options) Low Lash Solid Roller
Max RPM: 9000 Wet or Dry Sump
Port Configuration: LS7 c16

How much does a LS427 cost?

Chevy LS 427 LS7 Pump Gas Engine $17,050.

Is there a V8 Impala?

Between 1994 and 1996 the Impala was revised as a 5.7-liter V8–powered version of the Chevrolet Caprice Classic sedan….

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