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How are executions carried out in Indonesia?

How are executions carried out in Indonesia?

Historical use of hanging. Despite Indonesia using Law No. 2/PNPS/1964 that mandated execution by firing squad, Article No. 11 of Indonesia Criminal Code however, still that mandated execution must be performed by hanging and the part remain written in the code until this present day.

Does Bali still have the death penalty?

Indonesia is among the minority of countries that retain the death penalty in law. There are several crimes which are punishable by death, including murder, robbery, terrorism, and drug offences.

Is death penalty abolished in Malaysia?

Related. GENEVA (20 June 2022) – UN human rights experts* today commended an announcement made by the Malaysian government that it will abolish the country’s mandatory death penalty and encouraged Parliament to take concrete steps to pass the agreement into law.

How were the Bali 9 executed?

The Bali Nine ringleaders, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were executed by firing squad in 2015. Another member of the group, Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, died of cancer while serving a life term. The other five – Su Yi Chen, Michael Czugaj, Matthew Norman, Scott Rush and Martin Stephens – are all serving life terms.

Does Singapore still cane?

Corporal punishment refers generally to inflicting deliberate physical pain as punishment, through caning. Even though it is considered outdated by many other nations, it is still fairly common in Singapore.

Are any of the Bali 9 still in jail?

Bali Nine member Martin Stephens, 45, also serving a life sentence, is in a jail in Malang in East Java. Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, who was at the same jail, died of cancer in 2018. Lawrence was released in 2018 and has returned to Australia.

How old can you go to jail in Malaysia?

By country

Country Age (reduced) Age (full)
Malaysia 10
Maldives 15 18
Mali 13
Mauritania 7
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