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How can I reset my Tenda router?

How can I reset my Tenda router?

On the back of the Tenda AC1200 wireless router locate the WPS/RST button. Press and hold this button for at least seven seconds. This will cause the router to perform a factory reset. The process will take one to two minutes to complete.

What to do if Tenda WiFi is not working?

You can try solutions as below.

  1. Power cycle your modem and the Tenda device.
  2. Change the LAN IP address in the setup page.
  3. Clone the MAC address.
  4. Change the DNS Address.
  5. Change the MTU value.
  6. Change the WAN speed in setup page.
  7. Reset the Tenda device to factory default.
  8. Upgrade to a newer firmware.

How do I reset my Tenda IP address?

The default LAN IP address of Tenda router is 192.168. 0.1. You can change the LAN IP address to 192.168. 10.1, then click Apply and the router will reboot.

How can I get my Tenda username and password?

The default username for your Tenda router is admin. The default password is admin. Enter the username & password, hit “Enter” and now you should see the control panel of your router.

What is Tenda default, password?

The default password is admin if you have not changed it.

Why Tenda is not showing in WiFi?

The Tenda device might be too busy to respond to new requests if there are several computers or devices using it. If you have other wireless devices that are connecting to the network, try temporarily disconnecting them.

What is Tenda default password?

How do I change my Tenda WiFi name and password?

Step 1: Open a browser and type in Address Bar, tap “Enter”. Input login password and tap “Login”. Step 2: Tap “WiFi Settings”, select “WiFi Name & Password”. Step 3: Modify the WiFi Name and Password, then tap “Save”.

What is the Tenda default password?

How do I reset my 192.168 0.1 password?


  1. Login to Router admin panel using its default IP Address – /
  2. Enter the default username and password (admin/admin in most cases).
  3. Navigate to Wireless > Wireless Security > WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended) > Password .
  4. Enter your preferred password and Save the change.

Which lights should be on my Tenda router?

4 Please check the LED lights on the router after connection. Make sure SYS light is blinking, WLAN light is on or blinking, one of LAN ports(1,2,3,4) is on, WAN light is on or blinking.

How do I connect my Tenda router to the Internet?

Setting Up your Tenda Router

  1. Connect your modem and the blue WAN port on your router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Next, connect your computer to the LAN port on the router with another Ethernet cable.
  3. Then check the LED lights on the front of the router after you’ve made these physical connections.
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