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How do I add an existing public folder in Outlook?

How do I add an existing public folder in Outlook?

To add a public folder in Outlook on the web, right-click Folders, and then choose Add public folder to Favorites. Locate the folder and click Add.

How do I access public folders in Outlook?

Accessing Public Folders on Outlook 2016 or 2019

  1. Open the Outlook email application and click on the ellipsis in the bottom left hand corner.
  2. Select Folders from the ellipsis menu.
  3. You will now see a new section in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen called Public Folders – your email address.

How do I enable public folders?

How to enable Public folder

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click on Network and Internet.
  3. Click on Network and Share Center.
  4. On the left pane, click on Change advanced share settings.
  5. Expand All Networks.
  6. Make sure to select the Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the Public folders option.

How do I add a public folder to my Address Book?

To add Public Folder Contacts folder to the list of Address Books, you need to do the following:

  1. Right-click the Public Folder Contacts.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click Outlook Address Book tab.
  4. Check the box Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book.

What are Outlook public folders?

Public Folders in Outlook can contain contacts, calendar data, messages themselves, and other information. They are one of the many features within Microsoft Exchange to give Outlook users access to common folders for sharing information.

Is Microsoft getting rid of public folders?

Are public folders going away? No. Public folders are great for Outlook integration, simple sharing scenarios, and for allowing large audiences to access the same data.

How do I find the Public folder for my email?

Go to EAC > Public Folders > Public Folders. Select the Public Folder you created, check whether it is mail-enabled (If it is mail-enable, then only you can see the additional settings and email address is assigned). Click Edit. Address you can see for Public Folder (Twitter) is [email protected].

How do I find public folder?

How Can You View Public Folders?

  1. Open Outlook and select your mail profile if prompted.
  2. By default, you will not see the Public Folder Hierarchy.
  3. At the bottom of Outlook, you will see options such as Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks, etc.
  4. Based on your permissions, you will be able to browse the Public Folder Hierarchy.

How do I add a public folder to my Outlook contacts?

How to add public folder contacts to the Outlook Address Book

  1. Open the ‘folder view’ Click the folder icon at the bottom of the left hand column in Outlook.
  2. Expand Public Folders.
  3. Select the contacts list.
  4. Add to the Outlook Address Book.
  5. Open the Outlook Address Book.

How do I create a public distribution list in Outlook?


  1. Log in to Outlook Desktop.
  2. Click the ellipsis at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel.
  3. Click Folder to go to the Outlook Folder View.
  4. Right-click Public Folders.
  5. Click New Folder.
  6. Name the new folder.
  7. Select Contact Items in the drop-down menu under Folder Contains.
  8. Select where to place the folder.

Are public folders going away?

What is Outlook Public folder?

Public folders in Outlook give you a great place to collect, organize, and share information about particular topics or projects within an organization. “Public” in this case means viewable by everyone within the organization, not the world at large.

What is public folder mailbox?

Public folder mailboxes contain the hierarchy information plus the content for public folders. The first public folder mailbox you create will be the primary hierarchy mailbox, which contains the only writable copy of the hierarchy.

Where are public folders saved?

Public folder content The content is stored in the public folder mailbox but isn’t replicated across multiple public folders mailboxes. All users access the same public folder mailbox for the same set of content.

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