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How do I become a Microsoft training partner?

How do I become a Microsoft training partner?

Finally, it will give you access to our 9 step guide to becoming a Microsoft Partner.

  1. Join the Microsoft Partner Network.
  2. Choose your solution area(s)
  3. Get your membership.
  4. Find the right licensing agreement.
  5. Build your team.
  6. Train your team.
  7. Find and manage your customers.
  8. Build your practice.

What is a Microsoft Tier 1 partner?

As a Microsoft Tier 1 partner we are recognised as a recommended reseller for Microsoft products and services. It demonstrates that we’ve invested heavily into our infrastructure to deliver the quality of service that Microsoft demands.

How do Microsoft partners make money?

In this article

  1. Get sales leads (all partners)
  2. Set your company apart with Silver or Gold partner status (all partners)
  3. Offer trial subscriptions to Microsoft products (CSP partners)
  4. Offer promotional pricing on Microsoft products (CSP partners)
  5. Sell in additional markets (CSP partners)

How much do Microsoft certified trainers make?

Microsoft Certified Trainers in America make an average salary of $39,188 per year or $19 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $52,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $29,000 per year.

Who is the best Microsoft Learning Partner?

Global Knowledge wins Microsoft’s top learning partner for delivering exceptional customer value. Cary, NC — Global Knowledge, the worldwide leader in technology skills training, has been recognized as the 2019 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year.

How do you become a Tier 1 CSP?

The new set of requirements for Microsoft Tier-1 CSP partners

  1. Provide at least one managed service or IP.
  2. Increase in purchase volume.
  3. Active Support contract with Microsoft.
  4. Monthly growth and revenue assessment.
  5. Automated billing and customer management infrastructure.
  6. Offer ITIL support.

How do you get leads from Microsoft?

The most important step you can take to start getting sales leads from us is to create a business profile that showcases your company’s offerings, solutions, and expertise. Your business profile will be listed in all the places customers and internal Microsoft sales agents search for qualified partners.

How many Microsoft partners are there in the US?

Today, Microsoft has more than 64,000 cloud partners — more than AWS, Google and Salesforce combined. Our partners tell us they choose Microsoft because we are more than a technology provider– we are their business partner.

Is it worth it to get Microsoft certified?

That’s what makes Microsoft Certification so valuable. It demonstrates that you’re proficient in the specific, real-world skills associated with recognized industry roles. It verifies that you know how to apply technical knowledge to solve today’s business challenges.

Is Microsoft Certified Trainer free?

The Microsoft Certified Trainer program is an annual membership program. You must meet program requirements, complete an online application, and pay an annual fee to renew your training certification for the coming year.

What is a training partner?

TRAINING PARTNERSHIPS. a. A Training Partnership is the relationship between you and a Distributer, Provider or other entity on the Website which enables you and the Training Partner to view certain information about you, your Training and your records and assign records and Training to you.

Can anyone become a Microsoft partner?

Any organization can become a Microsoft Partner. The list of businesses that qualify for Microsoft partners can be found below. Once a Microsoft Partner, a company can get all the necessary training and online technical support from Microsoft. The company can enroll for Microsoft Partner Network membership.

Who is the largest Microsoft Partner?

Managed Solution is a nationally-recognized Microsoft Partner of the Year and the largest, leading IT service provider in San Diego. As a Top 1% Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we specialize in 24/… Virtualization, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, DaaS, Email Security Burwood Group, Inc.

Are Google and Microsoft partners?

Microsoft and Google announced today that they are partnering to identify and fix the top incompatibility issues on the web. “We’re excited to join with Google, Igalia, and the broader web community in committing resources to a cross-browser effort called Compat 2021, with the goal of substantial improvements in …

Can anyone become a Microsoft Partner?

What is the highest level of Microsoft Partner?

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Microsoft Certified Training Partner levels Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is the highest level of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program. These firms have free access to the tools and support they need from Microsoft.

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