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How do I get back from COC Qasmoke Fallout 4?

How do I get back from COC Qasmoke Fallout 4?

“coc” means “Center on Cell” it will bring teleport (fast travel) you into the cell stated afterwards. “Qasmoke” is the name of a cell that you can teleport to. So of course you cave to teleport to a different cell, so again use the command “coc” followed by the name of another cell.

Is there a cheat to increase carry weight in Fallout 4?

. modav 1000 adds +1000 to your carryweight and will stay there.

What is God mode Fallout 4?

tgm – God mode, for complete invulnerability. tcl – No collision with objects. Walk through walls, or pretty much anywhere else. tai – Turns off AI. Causes all characters to become immobile, with blank expressions.

How do I leave COC QASmoke?

How do you get out of coc qasmoke (editor smoke test) | Fandom. And you’ll appear in Riverwood. This only works on PC. You go to your console commannds, which is the “~” (or the button under the “Esc” button).

What is COC QASmoke?

Command coc is short for center on cell, with cells being the various areas and levels in Skyrim. The cell needs a name, though, which is QASmoke in this case.

How do I change my carry limit in Fallout 4?

For any PC players out there who don’t already know, the console command to change your carryweight is “player. setav carryweight x”, which will set your carryweight to x, or “player. modav carryweight x” which will increase your carryweight by x.

What’s the max carry weight in Fallout 4?

The maximum initial level is capped at 250 lbs without the addition of extra perks. The Strong Back perk increases the limit by 50 lbs. The Burden to Bear perk can increase this limit by another 50 lbs.

How do I leave the secret room in Fallout 4?

Once you have filled your inventory with rare and powerful items, there will come a time when you want to leave the developer room. Leaving is essentially the same as entering, press your tilde key, and this time type “COC SANCTUARYEXT” and you will be transported back to the main map, and specifically to Sanctuary.

Where is QASmoke in Fallout 4?

After exiting Vault 111, look for the sideways car and construction vehicle. Between them on the ground is a manhole cover marked ‘tunnels’ which is the area name of QASmoke. Once there, you should see a ladder right in front of you marked ‘Commonwealth’ that will take you back to the same place.

Who made Skyrim?

Bethesda Game StudiosThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / Developer

Does power armor increase carry weight?

When applied to a power armor leg piece, it increases Carry Weight capacity by 50. With calibrated shocks equipped on both legs, Carry Weight increases by a total of 100.

What helps you carry more Fallout 4?

Here are some of the ways you can permanently increase your carry weight.

  • Strength S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute.
  • Strong Back Perk.
  • Use Power Armour.
  • Choose your base armour.
  • Have a companion with you.
  • Cook some Gazelle.

How much can serana carry?

Serana’s carrying weight | Fandom. I think this is a bug but my Serana can’t carry anything anymore. All she is carrying is a Dwarven shield, a Blades sword, a ring, a few arrows(that weigh nothing), steel plate helmet and boots, and ebony gaunlets. She won’t even carry items that weigh 0.1 lbs.

How much weight can Lydia carry?

First off, thanks to Mark Trapp for finding out what is happening to the characters and their weight. It seemed that I had been switching between Lydia(my main companion) and extra ones too often, resulting in Lydia having a whopping maximum carry weight of 58.

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