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How do I register for French school in Quebec?

How do I register for French school in Québec?

How to Register

  1. Consult the map of educational institutions offering part-time French courses.
  2. To register, contact the French-language institution of your choice directly.
  3. If you have already taken French courses from the Gouvernement du Québec, please have your transcript with you when registering.

How do I register with Francisation?

To register:

  1. Go to the following website ;
  2. Click on “Demande d’admission”;
  3. Fill in all the boxes on the form;
  4. Submit the form.

How do I get a Québec selection certificate?

How to apply for a CSQ? To apply for a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), contact the office of the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) responsible for processing applications for nationals from your country.

What is Francization in Québec?

The Ministère signs agreements with recognized educational institutions, community organizations and employers across Québec. These partnerships have been instituted to enable immigrants to learn French while promoting their socio-professional integration into francophone living environments.

Can I study French for free in Quebec?

The Quebec government is very (very) passionate about its residents speaking French, and to that end, the Ministry of Immigration offers free part- and full-time French language courses, as well as specialized courses designed for specific fields of employment.

Is French useful in Canada?

In short, the answer is: yes. Canada offers many opportunities for skilled immigrants who are proficient in both English and French. You might have a better time getting acclimated. You might find yourself with more career options.

How can I learn French for free in Canada?

Free Ways to Learn French for Canadian Citizens

  1. Free Drop-in conversation classes at some CSDM centers.
  2. Funding French lessons through Emploi Quebec.
  3. Odyssey program, learn French while teaching English in Quebec and New Brunswick.
  4. Explore French bursary program.
  5. Participating in free French conversation events.

Does Quebec pay you to learn French?

You can receive $26 for each day that you take a course of 3 hours or more. To be eligible for this financial assistance, you must take at least 4 hours of French lessons per week.

Can I get PR in Quebec without French?

Immigration to Quebec without speaking French is possible through the QSW Program provided an applicant is awarded enough points from other categories of the selection grid to attain a passing score.

How much do you get paid to learn French in Quebec?

How much does Québec pay you to learn French?

How much Québec pay for French?

Full-time French classes are offered in-person at the beginner and intermediate levels, for 25 or 30 hours per week. The financial compensation for these courses has been increased to CAD $185 per week. Previously immigrants were compensated $141 per week.

Which language is in demand in Canada?

C and C++ are both coding languages. C++ tends to be a favourable option when developing projects that use intense graphics. C is a good programming skill to have because it’s the base language for many others, which makes it easier to shift between coding languages.

Can I study French in Canada for free?

Ministry of Immigration — Digital Courses (FREE) The online courses are completely free and available to immigrants who haven’t yet attended 1800 hours-worth of other Ministry of Immigration French classes. (Though honestly, if you get through 1800 hours and still need help, maybe it’s time to branch out.)

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