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How do you get good marks in Supremacy 1914?

How do you get good marks in Supremacy 1914?

Goldmark is the premium currency in Supremacy 1914 which can be obtained by completing the turorial, by winning game rounds and by purchasing it via the in-game shop or the Mobile Shop. You can play very succesfully without Goldmark, but employing it strategically may be the deciding factor for a victory.

What is the best country to start in Supremacy 1914?

Choosing a Country A good country to start with would be an african country although this will vary on your playing style. South USA and North Canada each have 1 neighbour, and they can focus all their firepower on that neighbour. Libya and Arabia generally perform well, as well as have access to lots of Oil.

What is the fastest way to get troops in Supremacy 1914?

You can increase movement speed of your troops by 50% by issuing a “forced march” command. However, they will lose 5% of their morale every hour. Dragging your army on an enemy army or city will change the move command into an attack command.

Is Supremacy 1914 real time?

Supremacy 1914 is a player real-time strategy browser game created and published by German studio Bytro Labs, in which the player manages one of the countries in the world during World War I.

What happens when you take someones capital in Supremacy 1914?

When you take the capital each territory previously owned by that country will get a 10% morale bonus instantly. A good human player will spend his money to sabotage you while you are doing this, so grab his capital quickly.

Can you see submarines Supremacy 1914?

submarines are a premium unit of Supremacy 1914. They’re a stealth unit makng them a force to be reckoned with on the high seas. As long as submarines do not attack, they are invisible to the enemy.

Can you have multiple capitals Supremacy 1914?

The capital is a required province upgrade. There can only be one capital per country, but it can be moved to another province.

Are balloons good in Supremacy 1914?

Balloons are a gold unit of S1914, and are tools for reconnaissance and can largely improve the range of sight of ground units, but they possess hardly any attack or defense strength. Thanks to their high range of sight you can detect enemy units much easier and faster.

What happens if your capital is captured in Supremacy 1914?

How long does it take to disembark supremacy?

Embarking and disembarking takes some time (3 hours). Harbors speed up that process to 1.5 hours. On enemy shores, these values will increase to 4.5 / 2.25 hours.

What does Patrol do supremacy1914?

Patrols : Airplanes give you the possibility to do aerial reconnaissance. During this patrol, the airplanes collect information about the strength and formation of enemy units. In addition, patrolling airplanes attack enemy airplanes which execute orders in the range of your patrol.

Can you have multiple capitals in Supremacy 1914?

There can only be one capital in each country. The capital is a required province upgrade. There can only be one capital per country, but it can be moved to another province. The morale of a nation will be severely affected by the loss/lack of a capital.

What does the balloon do in Supremacy 1914?

Are balloons worth it Supremacy 1914?

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