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How long does it take for soft gel pessary to work?

How long does it take for soft gel pessary to work?

The treatment is easy to use at home and irritating thrush symptoms should begin to disappear within three days of treatment.

How long does it take for soft gel pessary to dissolve?

Getting the most from your treatment If your symptoms do not improve within seven days, see your doctor for further advice. A pessary will dissolve overnight in the moisture in the vagina. If you have problems with vaginal dryness you may notice some undissolved pieces of pessary the following morning.

How do you use canesten soft gel pessary?

The Soft Gel Pessary: The applicator should be used to insert the pessary as high as possible into the vagina, preferably before going to sleep at night for convenient and comfortable treatment. Wash your hands before removing the foil from the blister pack and again afterwards when you have used the applicator.

What is Canesten gel used for?

Canesten Thrush Soft Gel Pessary is a single application for the treatment of vaginal thrush. It is inserted into the vagina for treatment at the site of infection. Only use this product if you have been previously diagnosed by your doctor as having vaginal thrush.

Is the canesten pessary supposed to come out?

Pessaries and internal cream are made to go into your vagina only. Do not swallow them. Pessaries need moisture in the vagina to dissolve completely. If they do not dissolve, pieces of the pessary may crumble and fall out of the vagina.

Is the Canesten pessary supposed to come out?

How long does Canesten gel pessary take to work?

It usually treats thrush within 7 days but it’s best to treat the infection for at least 2 weeks to stop it coming back. The most common side effect is an itching or burning feeling in the area being treated. Clotrimazole is also known by the brand name Canesten, including Canesten pessaries and cream.

Does the canesten pessary come out?

Does the Canesten pessary come out?

Can you remove a pessary yourself?

Wash your hands. Locate the notch or opening and hook your finger under or over the rim. Tilt the pessary slightly, to about a 30 degree angle, and gently pull down and out of the vagina. If you can fold the pessary somewhat, it will ease the removal.

How do I know if my thrush pessary has worked?

However, if you notice pieces of undissolved pessary, speak to your doctor or a pharmacist, as the treatment may not have worked properly. The symptoms of thrush should disappear within three days of treatment. If no improvement is seen after seven days you must tell your doctor.

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