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How long is the Prince Machiavelli audiobook?

How long is the Prince Machiavelli audiobook?

4 hours and 47 minutes
Product details

Listening Length 4 hours and 47 minutes
Author Niccolo Machiavelli
Narrator Grover Gardner
Whispersync for Voice Ready Release Date September 24, 2013

What is Machiavelli’s The Prince book about?

The Prince, political treatise by Niccolò Machiavelli, written in 1513. A short treatise on how to acquire power, create a state, and keep it, The Prince represents Machiavelli’s effort to provide a guide for political action based on the lessons of history and his own experience as a foreign secretary in Florence.

What are Machiavelli main ideas in the Prince?

Part of Machiavelli’s aim in writing The Prince is to investigate how much of a prince’s success or failure is caused by his own free will and how much is determined by nature or the environment in which he lives. Machiavelli applies this question specifically to the failure of past Italian princes.

What did Machiavelli do?

Machiavelli was a 16th century Florentine philosopher known primarily for his political ideas. His two most famous philosophical books, The Prince and the Discourses on Livy, were published after his death.

Who is Makaveli?

Makaveli is the name of Italian war strategist Niccolò Machiavelli who pretended to fake his death, and when you rearrange the letters, “Makaveli” turns into “Am Alive K”.

Who is the author the prince?

Niccolò MachiavelliThe Prince / Author

Is The Prince worth reading?

It Will Always be Relevant. Reading this book will give you insights about politics, which have stood the test of time and prevailed. They will probably stay relevant as long as we have politicians and to govern us. So it might be worth your time to read this book, even if not for yourself.

Is The Prince hard to read?

It’s not that the language is hard. Depending on the translation that you’re using, Machiavelli’s words are pretty simple to understand and his grammar is not too convoluted most of the time. Machiavelli tries his best to be straightforward and the few big words could easily be looked up in a dictionary.

What is the point of The Prince?

The general theme of The Prince is of accepting that the aims of princes – such as glory and survival – can justify the use of immoral means to achieve those ends. From Machiavelli’s correspondence, a version appears to have been distributed in 1513, using a Latin title, De Principatibus (Of Principalities).

Is The Prince a difficult read?

Who should read Machiavelli’s Prince?

Dictators such as Stalin and Mussolini and many more were influenced by The Prince, Italian-American Mobsters, John Gotti, and Roy DeMeo would quote it as the “Mafia Bible”. This book has been the topic of political discourse for almost 500 years. So even the veterans of politics should read this book if they have not.

What is Machiavelli’s moral theory?

The theory that “the end justifies the means” encapsulates his political and moral thought. The adjective Machiavellian means a total lack of scruples. The popular conception is that Machiavelli’s political methods are amoral, evil, rational and pragmatic.

Why was The Prince controversial?

What makes the Prince so controversial? The ideas presented in the book, such as the end justifies the means, makes it so controversial. Machiavelli’s influence can be seen through out history and literature.

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