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How many Greek Cypriots live in Cyprus?

How many Greek Cypriots live in Cyprus?

There are today estimated to be 335,000 Greek Cypriot emigrants living in Great Britain….Greek Cypriots.

Total population
Cyprus 659,115 (2011 census) ≈500,000 in diaspora
United Kingdom 270,000
Australia, South Africa, Greece, United States, Germany and others ≈230,000

What percentage of Cyprus is Turkish?

Cyprus Demographics Cyprus inhabitants are known as Cypriots. In 2001, the population was comprised of 77% Greek Cypriots, 18% Turkish and 5% other, with about 10,500 people of Russian origin in the nation.

What’s the population of Cyprus 2021?

1.22 million
As of 2021, the population of Cyprus is projected at 1.22 million, up by 0.68% compared with 1.21 million in 2020. Cyprus is ranked 158th in terms of population and 143rd in terms of population growth rate. There are 0.01 million births in Cyprus in 2021. That is 33 per day, which is ranked 166th.

Is Cyprus mostly Greek or Turkish?

Greek is predominantly spoken in the South, where the majority are Greek Cypriots, and Turkish in the north, where the majority are Turkish Cypriots. English is widely used throughout the island, as a common language….

Demographics of Cyprus
Official Greek, Turkish

What DNA do Cypriots have?

Cypriots generally consider themselves to be ‘Greek blooded’, and indeed in the tests done on Cypriots, Greek markers accounted for around 23 per cent of the DNA. But according to the study, there are Greeks out there with Cypriot markers reaching almost 12 per cent.

What race is Cyprus?

The people of Cyprus represent two main ethnic groups, Greek and Turkish.

When did Turkey invade Cyprus?

July 20, 1974 – August 18, 1974Turkish invasion of Cyprus / Period

What race are Cyprus?

What race are you if you are from Cyprus?

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