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How many wives does Oba of Benin have?

How many wives does Oba of Benin have?

He is currently married to 5 wives with both younger and old children.

Who is the wife of Oba?

Photos of the Oba of Benin, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku’ Akpolokpolo Ewuare II, and his youngest wife, Queen Aisosa, with their quadruplets, have gone viral on social media. The monarch with his fifth and Queen Aisosa welcomed the quadruplets -three boys and a girl, in August 2021.

Who is the fifth wife of Oba of Benin?

Queen Aisosa Ewaure
The Oba of Benin thanked God and his ancestors for a successful delivery of his children by his fifth wife, Queen Aisosa Ewaure and prayed that same joy that brought about the birth of his quadruplet will bring more blessings to the Queen, the palace and the entire Benin Kingdom.

What is d name of Oba of Benin?

Oba (King) Ewuare ii of Benin, Nigeria The current King or Oba is Oba Ewuare ii (born prince Eheneden Erediauwa) who succeed led his late father Oba Erediauwa. He was educated in Nigeria, USA and UK.

Who is the oldest Oba in Nigeria?

Ọba Sikiru Kayọde Adetọna (born 10 May 1934) is the Awujalẹ of the Ijẹbu Kingdom, a traditional state in Nigeria. He was installed as the king on 2 April 1960, which makes him one of the longest reigning monarchs in Nigeria.

Did Oba of Benin marry two sisters?

H ere are quick facts that you need to know about the two sisters married to one man who is the Oba of Benin. The two sisters are from the same parents. They are both from Benin City the capital of Edo State. The marriage was approved by their parents.

How many children did Oba of Benin give birth to?

The Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, and his fifth and youngest wife, Queen Aisosa, have welcomed a set of quadruplets, three boys and a girl.

How old is Oba of Benin?

Ewuare II (born October 20, 1953) was crowned the Oba of Benin on 20 October 2016. He is the 40th Oba, a title created for the Head of State (Emperor) of the Benin Empire at some time between 1180 and 1300….

Ewuare II
Father Erediauwa

Who married two sisters?

In 2008, a man in Kolkata married two sisters. Kausik Dutta, a resident of Garia, married Jhuma and Soma at the same wedding ceremony in the presence of their respective friends and family. The two sisters had said, “We have shared everything, our lives and we feel that both of us can share our husband also.

Who is the strongest Oba in Nigeria?

The current Sultan is Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar IV; he was the successor of his late brother Muhammadu Maccido who lost his life in the ADC Airline flight 53 flight.

Who is the richest Obas in Nigeria?

10 richest kings in Nigeria (2022)

Rank Name Net worth
1 Oba Obateru Akinrutan $300 Million
2 Sa’adu Abubakar $100 Million
3 Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Eniitan $70 Million
4 Oba Ewuare II Ogidigan $60 Million

Who is more powerful Alaafin of Oyo and Ooni of Ife?

The Alaafin on the other hand grew in prominence at a time when enforced migrations and wars scattered the Yoruba race, Oyo was stable and governed by strong kings making the Alaafin position influential. The Ooni is more recognized, because of the spiritual angle but neither king holds much sway because; 1.

How do you greet an Oba of Benin?

For instance, it is the tradition that everyone must kneel down to greet and address the Oba of Benin by chanting, ‘Oba ghato kpere ise’ meaning, ‘Long may you reign; our king, amen’. There is no exception to this rule, except with some other royal majesties across the world.

Is it halal to marry sisters?

Prohibitions based on consanguinity. Seven relations are prohibited because of consanguinity, i.e. kinship or relationship by blood, viz. mothers, daughters, sisters, paternal aunts, maternal aunts, and nieces (whether sister’s or brother’s daughters).

Is it halal to marry 2 sisters?

NEW DELHI: Settling a longstanding debate in Muslim Personal Law concerning the status of two sisters marrying a man, the Supreme Court has ruled that the latter’s marriage to his wife’s sister, during the subsistence of the earlier marriage, was merely irregular though not illegal.

Who is most respected king in Nigeria?

Top 10 Most Powerful Kings in Nigeria

  • Sultan of Sokoto.
  • Ooni of Ile-Ife.
  • Dein of Agbor.
  • Oba of Benin.
  • Oba of Lagos.
  • Olu of Warri.
  • Obi of Onitsha.
  • Olubadan of Ibadan. This title is prominent and highly influential and is currently held by Oba Samuel Odulana Odugade.
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