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Is the SEAT Altea a reliable car?

Is the SEAT Altea a reliable car?

The Altea isn’t as solidly built as some Seats, with a number of faults reported. The main reliability issue with the petrols is the plastic timing belt tensioner – with both the 1.4 and 1.6-litre models at risk. If it fails, the engine could sustain serious damage, so consider having it replaced.

What car is a SEAT Altea based on?

the Volkswagen Golf Plus
The SEAT Altea is based on a sister car, the Volkswagen Golf Plus, and is one of the smartest looking people carriers currently available in the UK. It’s efficient, too, thanks to the introduction of two punchy Ecomotive diesel engines, which help to keep running costs low.

Is SEAT Altea XL a good car?

The Altea XL offers plenty of space for five adults and their luggage, a sporty design, a range of efficient yet powerful engines and plenty of equipment. And though it does lack the flexibility of its rivals, it’s one of the best in its class to drive.

What is a SEAT Altea?

The SEAT Altea is an automobile produced by the Spanish automaker SEAT from 2004 to 2015. A compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the car was designed by the Italian Walter de Silva, and was launched in March 2004, as the first example of SEAT’s new corporate look.

Is a SEAT Altea a big car?

SEAT’s sporting compact five-seater MPV, the Altea, took a different tack. We think it’s still one of the best looking compact people carriers out there and, although there’s no seven-seat version, this improved post-2009 version offered a choice of either short or long wheelbase derivatives.

What is the difference between a SEAT Altea and Altea XL?

The key differences between the standard Altea and the XL are from the B-pillar backwards. The overall length is increased by 18.7cm, which allows an extra 2cm of movement for the sliding rear seat. Boot space is also increased, from 409 litres to 532 litres with the rear seats upright.

What’s the difference between a SEAT Altea and Altea XL?

Is a seat Altea a big car?

What’s the difference between a seat Altea and Altea XL?

Is SEAT Altea XL an SUV?

Seat Altea And Altea XL MPVs Discontinued, SUVs To Take Over | Carscoops.

Is SEAT Altea a 7 seater?

When did they stop making SEAT Altea?

Seat Altea 2004-2015.

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