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Is the Shelby GT350 worth it?

Is the Shelby GT350 worth it?

Conclusion: The new 2017 Ford Shelby GT350 is a highly recommended sports car. Its thrilling performance and updated standard features make it a strong value. Even the base model will prove to be a good selection.

How much does a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 cost?

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Price The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 features an MSRP of $59,140. That is far less than the higher race-spec Mustang GT350R models.

Will the Mustang GT350 go up in value?

After holding steady around $80,000 between 2017 and 2019, the base 2015 GT350 experienced a dip to $70,000 on average over the course of 2020. But whereas most of the other GT350 model years have continued along their expected depreciation curve, the 2015s have rebounded to an average of $73,000 so far this year.

Is the Ford Mustang GT350 being discontinued?

2020 was a sad year for fans of the GT350 models, like the GT350R, as Ford announced it was putting an end to their production. In a statement, Ford announced that a 760 hp Shelby GT500 was in full stride.

Is a Shelby a good investment?

The Shelby GT500 is one of the rare cars that you can truly call an investment. It will hold its value throughout the years. With the GT350 discontinued, that will only help the value even more.

Which is better GT350R or GT500?

If we simply look at specs, the supercharged GT500 trounces the GT350 with a 234-horsepower advantage and 196 lb-ft more torque. Those differences would provide the GT500 a full second of cover to 60 mph (3.0 to 4.0 seconds) that would extend to the quarter mile, as well.

Is a Shelby GT350 a supercar?

The GT350 is a muscle car with its standard transmission and raw 5.2L flat-plane crank engine. The GT500, with its supercharged 760 HP engine and dual-clutch transmission, is something more refined. It’s not a supercar, nor is it a muscle car. It’s just a fantastic sports car living its best life.

Is Shelby GT350 a future classic?

Compared to the standard car, the GT350R is stiffer, grippier, and lighter – where the GT350 weighs 3,760lbs, the R weighs 3,662lbs. As a result, it’s arguably the more special, enticing, captivating one of the two variants, although both are amazing. Both are future classics.

What does GT350 mean?

Remington’s response was “about three hundred and fifty feet,” to which Shelby said, “That’s what we’ll call it–GT350.” Shelby’s reasoning for such a hasty decision? “ The name wouldn’t make the car, and if it is a bad car, the name won’t save it.”

How much is a 2021 GT350?

This Bullitt/GT350 cross will start at $52,915, which means the Mach 1 costs around $5000 more than the Bullitt with which it shares Ford’s 5.0-liter V-8 engine.

What does the 350 mean in GT350?

After several meetings failed to produce a name for the racing Mustang, Shelby named the car GT350-because 350 feet separated the Shelby American production shop from its race shop. 13 people found this helpful. 135.

Do Shelby Mustangs hold their value?

The Shelby GT500 is one of the rare cars that you can truly call an investment. It will hold its value throughout the years.

Does the GT350 have a supercharger?


Is a GT350 fast?

The GT350 can do the 0-62 mph sprint in just 4.5 seconds, on par with some more expensive sports cars. However, since its introduction in 2016, the GT350 hasn’t gotten any faster, and pitting it against any of these spacious, five-door family cars will result in nothing but embarrassment.

Is a Shelby faster than a Lamborghini?

With immense speed and power, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 wins the race. The Lamborghini Huracan slowly catches up around halfway down the strip, but it isn’t quick enough. The Shelby GT500 passes the finish line in 9.287 seconds, while the Huracan’s time is 9.463 seconds.

Is Shelby and Cobra the same?

Shelby is a special edition car designed by Carrol Shelby. Cobra is also a design developed by Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) Ford developed the Cobra badge and used it on a Mustang design. Booth have estetic and performance diferences.

Which is faster GT350 or GT500?

If you’re gonna buy a new Mustang buy the GT350. The GT500 may have the upper hand in terms of raw power and quicker quarter-mile times but the differences between the two do not justify their difference in price.

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