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What are examples of HTML objects?

What are examples of HTML objects?

JavaScript HTML Objects Examples

  • Anchor Object.
  • Area Object.
  • IFrame Object.
  • Image Object.
  • Table Objects.

What is the difference between object and embed?

Attributes of the and tags

Height and width ( used in pixels) of the box controlled by the plugin height width height width
Names and values needed for the plugin as parameters ad hoc attributes with those names and values single-tag elements within

Which is an object on webpage?

(1) The elements on a Web page, which include text, graphics, URLs and scripts.

What is HTML object?

Definition and Usage. The tag defines a container for an external resource. The external resource can be a web page, a picture, a media player, or a plug-in application. To embed a picture, it is better to use the tag. To embed HTML, it is better to use the tag.

What is the best HTML code?

10 Best HTML Editors. Komodo Edit. Wix. Froala. CoffeeCup. Visual Studio Code. Adobe Dreamweaver. Brackets. Sublime Text. Notepad++ Atom.

  • Conclusion.
  • How many HTML elements are there?

    There are six different kinds of elements : void elements, the template element, raw text elements, escapable raw text elements, foreign elements, and normal elements.

    What is the purpose of embedded object?

    Embedded objects are designed to store physically inside the compound object with all the information required to manage it. Embedded objects are not like links, where the linked object is stored separately.

    What is an object in web application?

    An application on the Web may consists of several ASP files that work together to perform some purpose. The Application object is used to tie these files together. The Application object is used to store and access variables from any page, just like the Session object.

    Is object a data type?

    The Object data type is a reference type. However, Visual Basic treats an Object variable as a value type when it refers to data of a value type.

    What is param tag?

    The tag is used to define parameters for an element.

    What is difference between HTML elements and tags?

    Tags are used to mark up the start of an HTML element and they are usually enclosed in angle brackets….html.

    HTML Tags HTML Elements HTML Attributes
    HTML tag starts with < and ends with > Whatever written within a HTML tag are HTML elements. HTML attributes are found only in the starting tag.

    What is an embedded object give an example?

    1. In general, an embedded object is a separate file not created in the program that is placed into the program. For example, when using a word processor program, you paste a movie clip into the word processor document; this would be considered an embedded object.

    How do you treat an embedded object?

    Management Of An Embedded Object

    1. Use gauze and apply pressure surrounding the protruding object to control bleeding.
    2. Position padding around the object to prevent the object from twisting or moving, bandage over and around the padding to secure the foreign object.

    What is object object in JS?

    [object Object] is the default string representation of a JavaScript Object . It is what you’ll get if you run this code: alert({}); // [object Object] You can change the default representation by overriding the toString method like so: var o = {toString: function(){ return “foo” }}; alert(o); // foo.

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