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What does it mean when a guy says Atta girl?

What does it mean when a guy says Atta girl?

at·​ta·​girl | \ ¦a-tə-¦gərl \ plural attagirls. Definition of attagirl (Entry 2 of 2) chiefly US, informal. : an expression of encouragement, approval, or admiration given to a woman or girl I’ve had plenty of friends tell me they read these weekly updates and offer encouragement.

Why do we say Attagirl?

Etymology. Variant pronunciation of “That’s the girl!”, a cry of encouragement, especially to children and pet dogs.

What does Atta mean in texting?

“that a”. Used in statements of encouragement such as atta boy and atta girl.

What does Attagal mean?

attagal. An expression of encouragement, support, or approval toward a woman, used as a standalone interjection before or after a sentence. It is a variation of the more common (but also potentially diminutive) “attagirl”; sometimes spelled “atta gal.” A: “I was promoted to executive manager this morning.” B: “Attagal!

Can I say Atta girl?

interjection Informal. (used as an enthusiastic expression of encouragement or approval to a girl, woman, or female animal.)

Is Atta girl a word?

Attagirl definition The definition of an atta girl is a compliment or words of encouragement given to a girl who has done a good job on something. An example of an attagirl is when your boss tells everyone at the meeting that you did a great job on your last project.

Is it Atta boy or Thatta boy?

attaboy. An expression of encouragement, support, or approval toward a boy, man, or male animal, used as a standalone interjection before or after a sentence. Largely presumed to be a corruption of the expression “that’s the boy”; it is also sometimes spelled “atta boy.” You won the spelling bee? Attaboy!

Where did Atta girl come from?

The first records of attagirl come from the early 1900s, around the same time as attaboy. Both terms were first and are primarily used in the U.S. The first part of the word is thought to be a shortened form of that’s a or that’s the, but it’s origin isn’t certain. A similar phrase is That’s my girl!

What means you go girl?

expression of encouragement
New Word Suggestion. An expression of encouragement. It originated from the show “Martin” starring Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell. When the character Martin was given his girlfriend Gina motivation or a compliment he would say “You go girl”, with enthusiasm.

What does IM Shooketh mean?

SHOOKETH means “Shocked.” The term SHOOKETH is a slang word used to express shock (usually feigned or exaggerated). SHOOKETH became popular in 2017, when it was used by YouTube comedian Christine Sydelko to express her shock at being addressed by name by a cashier.

What does Attaway mean?

The origins of the name Attaway are with the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. The name is derived from the Old German personal names Hathuwic or Hadewic, or from the Old English personal name Heathuwig, which means war-warrior.

Where does Atta girl come from?

What is a go boy?

formerly) a boy employed by a shopkeeper to deliver goods and run other errands.

What is the meaning of Get It Girl?

It’s basically like hyping someone up. For example, if this girl were to be dancing, you would say “get it, girl!” to encourage her to keep going, and to let her know she’s doing a good job.

What does Litty mean in text?

Litty is a playful variation of lit, often initially defined as “extremely lit,” that is, exceptionally great, happening, or drunk/high. Parties, going to the club, hanging out with friends, and hooking up are all often described as litty.

Who created Shooketh?

The phrase I’m shooketh was first uttered by the comedian Christine Sydelko in a YouTube video uploaded to her account in 2017 (she was expressing her shock at having been recognized by a fan at Boston Market). The adjective shooketh took off as a way to lend biblical proportions to awestruck confusion.

What does Atta kid mean?

The definition of atta boy is a compliment or words of encouragement given to a boy or man who has done a good job. A pat on the back is an example of an atta boy. interjection. Alternative form of attaboy. interjection.

Who Wrote go boy?

Roger CaronGo-boy! / Author

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