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What formats does Synology Video Station Support?

What formats does Synology Video Station Support?

All Group 1 models are capable of transcoding 3GP, 3G2, ASF, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, FLV, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MTS, MOV, QT, TP, TRP, VOB, XviD, and RMVB up to 720p. For the complete list of supported file formats in the original and transcoded streams, please see the specifications of Video Station and DS video.

What file system does Synology use?

What is Btrfs? Btrfs is a modern file system developed by multiple parties and now supported by select Synology NAS models. Btrfs was designed to address obstacles often encountered in enterprise storage systems, such as fault tolerance, management, and data protection.

How do I add files to Synology video station?

Add video folders for default libraries

  1. Go to Settings > Library.
  2. Click Create > Add folder to choose a folder from your Synology NAS, and select the destination library.
  3. Store video files to video folders to categorize videos into corresponding libraries.

Can Synology play MKV files?

And FYI it was not just audio… the MKV’s would not play at all….. Cheers! Hi, It’s likely the videos that can’t play are using the DTS or EAC3 audio format, which Synology doesn’t currently support due to patent licensing issues.

Can Synology transcode MKV?

With the latest firmware, Synology devices now transcode MKV files on the fly themselves meaning that plenty of Sony devices such as PS3 and BRAVIA can now have .

What does Btrfs stand for?

B-Tree File System
Btrfs—short for “B-Tree File System” and frequently pronounced “butter” or “butter eff ess”—is the most advanced filesystem present in the mainline Linux kernel. In some ways, btrfs simply seeks to supplant ext4, the default filesystem for most Linux distributions.

Should I use Btrfs or ext4?

Btrfs is growing at a fast rate, but it is still not considered stable. Until now, the ext4 seems to be a much better choice on the desktop system since it is the default file system, and it is faster than the btrfs when transferring files.

How do I transfer files to Synology?

Drag and Drop Files/Folders between Browsers

  1. Go to Settings > General > File Station.
  2. Tick Enable drag and drop between browsers.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Open two web browsers of the same kind (e.g., Firefox), and connect them respectively to the source and target Synology NAS.
  5. Launch File Station on both Synology NAS.

Does Synology support Plex?

Plex is one of the best applications that you can run on a Synology NAS. In general, most people who purchase a Synology NAS store their media files in a shared folder, which makes running Plex on a Synology a great option as you’re running it on the same device that is storing your media.

How do I use Synology video station?


  1. Install Video Station. To install Video Station, please go to Package Center, find Video Station, and then click Install.
  2. Store and Categorize Videos into Default Libraries.
  3. Store and Categorize Videos into Custom Libraries.
  4. Play Videos.
  5. Share Videos with the Public.
  6. Organize and Watch Videos on Mobile Devices.

Can DS video play 4K?

For users with DS1520+, DS920+, DS720+, DS420+, or DS220+, if your device does not support 4K videos, Synology NAS will provide a highly compatible video format that supports most devices for playback via Video Station and DS video.

How do I play Synology videos on my TV?

To access the media files stored on your Synology NAS with DLNA TV:

  1. Go to DSM > Main Menu > Media Server to enable DLNA service, press the Device button on your remote to select your Synology NAS.
  2. Media files: Go to Main Menu > Application > Media Play (USB & DLNA) > Photo5/Music/Movie.

Who uses Btrfs?

The following companies use Btrfs in production: Facebook (testing in production as of 2014/04, deployed on millions of servers as of 2018/10) Jolla (smartphone) Lavu (iPad point of sale solution.

What is Synology video station?

Video Station helps you manage all the movies, TV shows, and home videos on your Synology NAS. Moreover, it can stream videos to various devices — computers, smartphones, media players, and TVs — to provide you with non-stop, fun watching experience.

Is DSM 7 compatible with Plex?

The Plex Media Server package available in the Package Center app of your Synology NAS is officially supported by Synology. At the time of this writing, the Plex Media Server package available in the Package Center of Synology DSM 7 operating system is still in Beta.

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