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What is a wedge base bulb?

What is a wedge base bulb?

A wedge base is a type of electrical connector used as a fitting for small light bulbs. It is similar to the bi-pin connector, except that the two “pins” are the same wires that extend into the bulb (rather than being rigid), and the wires are bent up onto the sides of the base, where they make contact with the socket.

What is a PIAA bulb?

PIAA scientifically engineers bulbs to exacting specifications utilizing the latest in integrated computer aided technology. Only the highest-grade materials are selected for use in products and every PIAA bulb is 100% tested at each step in the manufacturing process.

Are T10 and T15 the same?

T10 vs T15 As you can see, the T10 versus the T15 have the exact same wedge base on it. They fit the same connector. The T15 is designed for areas like a T10 that has more space. You’re going to find a T15 in a cargo light on a truck, you’ll find a T15 on reverse lights, but that’s really about it.

What does PIAA stand for?

PIAA – Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association.

How do you put a wedge bulb in?

For safety, use a rag of glove to protect your hand in case the bulb breaks. To insert a wedge base bulb, gently push the base straight into the socket. For safety, use a rag or a glove to protect your hand in case the bulb breaks.

What bulb is brighter 194 and 168?

In fact, they all have the same base, they’re all made the same with the same incandescent filament – the only difference is the wattage. Depending on the number of the bulb; 194 versus 168, all it does is dictate the amount of wattage the bulb draws. The more wattage the bulb draws, the brighter it is.

Can I replace T10 with T15?

So if you have a T15 bulb that has the same base as the T10, you really could use a T10 like one of these smaller bulbs, or a T15 like one of these larger bulbs. You’re going to see that the T10 and the T15 have the exact same base.

Can I use T15 bulb on T10 socket?

The T10 led bulb can be absorbed a T15 socket, yet T15 led bulb cannot make use of in T10 outlet. Since the space of setting light as well as indoor light are not large sufficient for T15 led light bulb to location in. consequently light for some automobiles, T10 can not get to the brightness for transforming light.

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