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What is an example of tangentiality?

What is an example of tangentiality?

Examples of Tangentiality For example, when a therapist poses the question, “How was your week?” a person may respond with, “When I was five, my cat was killed.” When the therapist asks about the cat the person may then begin to discuss something completely different such as religious beliefs or previous illnesses.

What is tangentiality and circumstantiality speech?

Unlike in flight of ideas, circumstantiality contains tighter and more coherent associations that may be easier to follow or understand. Unlike tangential speakers, i.e., those who are circumstantial eventually arrive back at the main point of speech or the answer to a question.

What is the difference between derailment and tangentiality?

Tangentiality: Replies to questions are off-point or totally irrelevant. Derailment (loosening of associations): spontaneous speech with marked impairments in topic maintenance. Incoherence (word salad, schizaphasia): severe lack of speech cohesion at the basic level of syntax and/or semantics within sentences.

How do you use tangentiality in a sentence?

Tangential in a Sentence 🔉

  1. I hardly ever learn anything in my history class because my teacher always rambles off on a tangential topic that has nothing to do with history.
  2. During the student’s presentation, she was so nervous her speech was filled with tangential thoughts that were not related to each other.

What is the meaning of circumstantiality?

noun, plural cir·cum·stan·ti·al·i·ties for 2, 3. the quality of being circumstantial; minuteness; fullness of detail. a circumstance; a detail. Psychiatry. a pattern of speech that seems to wander because of excessive detail but eventuallyreaches its goal idea.

What is tangential thought process example?

Tangential Thinking For example: “I really got mad as I was waiting in line at the grocery store. I cannot stand lines. Waiting and waiting. I waited for a long time to get my driver’s license.

What is the meaning of tangentiality?

1a : touching lightly : incidental, peripheral tangential involvement also : of little relevance arguments tangential to the main point. b : divergent, digressive. 2 : of, relating to, or of the nature of a tangent. 3 : acting along or lying in a tangent tangential forces.

What are circumstantial symptoms?

Symptoms of a Circumstantial Thought Process When you talk to someone you may: Include a lot of irrelevant details. Talk about things that are related to the subject but not important. Tell stories that are only slightly related to the subject. Answer questions with a lot more detail than is necessary.

What is a tangential sentence?

Definition of Tangential. not directly related to something. Examples of Tangential in a sentence. 1. I hardly ever learn anything in my history class because my teacher always rambles off on a tangential topic that has nothing to do with history.

How do you use circumstantiality in a sentence?

Circumstantiality Sentence Examples Not even so, however, did their witness agree together, so, as a bold stroke, Oates, with great circumstantiality, accused the queen before Charles of high treason.

What is a circumstantial thought process?

A circumstantial thought process is also known as circumstantiality. It’s when you include a lot of unnecessary and insignificant details in your conversation or writing. This takes away from the main point of what you’re saying.

What is a tangentiality of speech?

Tangential speech or tangentiality is a communication disorder in which the train of thought of the speaker wanders and shows a lack of focus, never returning to the initial topic of the conversation.

What is circumstantial speech?

People with circumstantiality, also known as circumstantial thinking, or circumstantial speech, often include excessive irrelevant details in their speaking or writing. They maintain their original train of thought but provide a lot of unnecessary details before circling back to their main point.

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