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What is brony kink?

What is brony kink?

In November 2012, a documentary entitled Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony was released. Brony, by the very nature of the word, refers to specifically male fans, though some women use the term to refer to themselves. Another term, pegasister exists as an alternate feminine form.

Is it normal to be a brony?

There’s nothing wrong with being a fan or a part of the Brony community. In fact, being a Brony means you’re challenging gender norms and showing that it’s okay for men to enjoy a show deemed as “girly,” just as it’s okay for women to enjoy shows marketed toward boys. Have an explanation for why you like the show.

How many Bronies are in the world?

20,000 bronies
There are now over 20,000 bronies around the world, according to the grassroots “Brony Study,” conducted by Patrick Edwards and Marsha Redden, two psychology professors at the University of Georgia and Louisiana State University, respectively.

Is Raven a brony?

Raven Inkwell, or simply Raven, is a female pony who appears as both an Earth pony and a unicorn. She has a white coat, a dark brown mane, lighter brown eyes, and a cutie mark of an ink pen and inkwell….

Raven Inkwell
Sex Female
Occupation One of Princess Celestia’s aides
Other links Raven Inkwell image gallery

Is bronies a fetish?

You’ll never be able to convince these kind of journalists that Bronyism is an not a weird sex fetish, nor a sad childhood hang-up, but just another earnest, all-American fan community. – Do talk up the narratives you’d like reporters to work into their stories, such as the money Bronies raise for charity.

Are all bronies furries?

The groups do not differ in the extent to which they identify as a furry, identify with other furries, or identify with their fursona species. Furries and bronies do not differ in the extent to which they believe they are less than 100% human, nor are they differently likely to wish they were 0% human.

What is sorrel in dragon rider?

forest brownie
Sorrel is a forest brownie and one of the three main characters of the animated film, Dragon Rider based on Cornelia Funke’s best-selling novel and is one of the three main heroes of the film along with her best friends, Firedrake, and Ben.

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