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What is cardiac Autorhythmicity?

What is cardiac Autorhythmicity?

Contractions of the heart (heartbeats) are controlled by specialized cardiac muscle cells called pacemaker cells that directly control heart rate. This property is known as autorhythmicity.

What causes Autorhythmicity of the heart?

However, in physiological conditions, the SA node is the one that sets the pace for the rest of the heart- is the pacemaker, discharging at a rate of 70/80 bpm. The excitatory/conducting cells of the heart are the fibres responsible for the autorhthmicity of the heart.

Does cardiac muscle have Autorhythmicity?

Even though cardiac muscle has autorhythmicity, heart rate is modulated by the endocrine and nervous systems. There are two major types of cardiac muscle cells: myocardial contractile cells and myocardial conducting cells.

What is the function of Autorhythmic cells?

An autorhythmic cell has the unique ability to depolarize spontaneously, resulting in a pacemaker potential. Once threshold is reached, an action potential is initiated, which begins with further depolarization and leads to reversal of the membrane potential.

Where are Autorhythmic cardiac cells located?

Most of the muscle cells in the heart are contractile cells. The autorhythmic cells are located in these areas: Sinoatrial (SA), or sinus, node. Atrioventricular (AV) node. Atrioventricular (AV) bundle (also sometimes called the bundle of His)

What is meant by autorhythmicity?

Why is it so important? Autorhythmicity means that the heart can contract rhythmically as the result of the action potentials it generates by itself. Autorhythmicity is so important because without it, the heart will not be able to pump blood

What do you mean by autorhythmicity?

What does autorhythmic mean? That generates its own rhythm. (adjective)

What does the term autorhythmicity mean?

autorhythmicity: autorhythmicity (English) Noun autorhythmicity (uncountable) The quality of being autorhythmic, or generating its own rhythm, as for example the cells of the cardiac muscle… There are no user-contributed notes for this entry. Add a note to the entry “autorhythmic”.

What is automaticity of the heart?


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