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What is Defence reflex?

What is Defence reflex?

a sudden response elicited by a painful or unexpected stimulus. The term is applied to a variety of responses, ranging from an acceleration in heart rate in reaction to a startling auditory stimulus; through flight, fight, or freezing elicited by perceived threat; to complex psychological responses.

What are the reflexes in psychology?

n. any of a number of automatic, unlearned, relatively fixed responses to stimuli that do not require conscious effort and that often involve a faster response than might be possible if a conscious evaluation of the input were required. An example is the pupillary reflex.

What reflex is involves when whichever side the child’s head is facing the limbs on that side will straighten while the opposite limbs will curl?

Whichever side the child’s head is facing, the limbs on that side will straighten, while the opposite limbs will curl Balance reflex: when you place a baby on its back in water or when its head tilts back, the baby will try over and over to lift its head upright to a safer position.

What is curling reflex?

Also called the startle reflex, Moro reflex usually occurs when a baby gets startled by a loud sound, sudden movement or intense light. As a response to the trigger, the baby suddenly lifts the arms and legs, curl them back toward the body and then throw the head back.

What is the difference between clonus and spasticity?

Spasticity and clonus result from an upper motor neuron lesion that disinhibits the tendon stretch reflex; however, they are differentiated in the fact that spasticity results in a velocity dependent tightness of muscle whereas clonus results in uncontrollable jerks of the muscle.

What is extrusion reflex?

When your baby pushes solid food out of their mouth using their tongue, it’s called the extrusion reflex (it’s also referred to as tongue-thrust reflex). While it may seem discouraging that your baby doesn’t want to try new textures, this reflex is a primitive instinct to protect them.

What is clonus and Babinski?

Sustained clonus does not stop as long as dorsiflexion pressure is applied to the foot. Babinski reflex: for loss of brain control over lower extremities; scraping the soles causes toes to pull up.

What is a brisk reflex?

What are brisk reflexes? Brisk reflexes refer to an above-average response during a reflex test. During a reflex test, your doctor tests your deep tendon reflexes with a reflex hammer to measure your response. This test is often done during a physical exam. Quicker responses may lead to a diagnosis of brisk reflexes.

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