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What is the price of 5 rupees note?

What is the price of 5 rupees note?

Rs 30,000 will be available for Rs 5 note However, Rs 5 rupee note has certain unique features. This five rupee note should feature a tractor image. In addition, 786 digits should be written in it. The Reserve Bank of India has published this note (RBI).

Which 5rs note is rare?

The note issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is considered extremely rare if the number 786 is also written on it. If you have Rs 5 notes with the mentioned features, then you can sell them online only on The platform is providing a chance to earn manifold money in exchange for old notes.

What is the value of 5rs tractor note?

If you have a Rs 5 note, you can fetch up to Rs 30,000. However, there are some conditions. All you need is an old Rs 5 note with a picture of a tractor on it and you can get as much as Rs 30,000 for it.

How can I sell my old 5 rupee note with a tractor?

The old Rs 5 note should have the picture of a tractor on it. The note issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is extremely rare if the number 786 is also printed on it. If you have Rs 5 notes with these features then you can sell them online on Step 2: Register yourself as a seller.

Can we sell 5 rs note?

You can auction old coins, notes easily on websites like eBay. If you also have a clean photo of the above mentioned Rs 5 note then you need to upload it on the website. The process of auction will start once you will upload the photo of Rs 5 note on the website.

How do I sell 786 notes on eBay?

You can also sell your unique series 786 note here for a nice amount in this circumstance….Where and how to sell these notes?

  1. To sell this note, go to first.
  2. On the home page, you can register right now.
  3. You can register as a ‘Seller’ here.
  4. Take a clear picture of your memo and upload it to the website.

Where can I sell my old 5 rs note?

You can visit the website where the old and rare notes are bought and sold. You can exchange your old 5 rupees note.

Where can I sell my 5 rs note?

How can I upload 5 rupees note?

First of all, visit the official website Now register yourself as a seller. After registering yourself you need to upload the photo of your 5 rupees note on the website. Those who are searching for such notes and are interested will contact you after seeing your 5 rupees note on the website.

Why is 786 lucky?

Significance of ‘786’ 786 is considered a lucky or holy number. Especially, the significance of this number in Islam is above everything. The number is believed as a numeric form of the Arabic phrase “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim”, meaning, ‘In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful’.

What is the value of 786?

₹3 lakh
One such attribute that collectors look for is the number ‘786’ in the serial number on currency notes. These three digits appearing in this specific order can appreciate the note’s value to as high as ₹3 lakh. The number 786 is considered auspicious among followers if Islam.

Will banks take old 5 notes?

Take them to your bank If you have old paper notes that are no longer in circulation, your bank may exchange these for you, for a limited time, however this is down to the banks’ discretion.

Can you still use old 5 notes 2021?

The only place you can now exchange your paper notes for crisp polymer notes is at The Bank of England. Banks, building societies and Post Offices no longer accept the paper note even for exchanges, so you will have to physically go down to the BoE if you want to get your hands on fresh plastic notes.

What is the value of a Rs 5 rupees tractor note?

Some rare notes are with the sign of Amitav Ghosh & Y. V. Reddy have Value up to 400 Rs. 5 Rupees Tractor note only value able if get any note fancy serial number like 111111 to 999999 or 786786, Also if got any note which misprinted during printing then this chance for you to get got value from it.

How many deers are there in 3 rupee notes of PC Bhattacharya?

3 Deers with RBI Symbol back of the Note. 3 Deers NOtes on the white AREA will not have MahatmaGandhi , but 3 Lions(RBI). 3 Deer five Rupee Note of PC Bhattacharya

What is the color of the 5 rupees note?

The color of this Note was totally different from the Previous 5 Rupees notes, Now the note has Orange, green, Blue & Pink Color on It. On the Back Side of the note, it has a beautiful picture of a Farming Field where a farmer ploughing the field and Sun also Rising from behind.

How many rupees is the Homi Baba coin?

10 Rupee Homi Baba coin 5 Rupees 3 Deer Note with PC Bhattacharya sign 2 Rupee Tiger Full Serial Bundle 20 PAISE SUN AND LOTUS FOOD FOR ALL 1970 YEAR

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