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What is the RAM Rebel package?

What is the RAM Rebel package?

The Rebel package is aimed more towards people that are interested in taking their trucks off-road. The Rebel package upgrade includes 18-inch wheels, an upgraded off-road-focused suspension, locking rear differential, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, LED fog lamps, and a folding rear bench seat.

What does rebel mean on Dodge Ram?

First unveiled by Dodge in 2015, the Rebel is a trim option on the Ram 1500 built with a focus on rugged style and off-road performance. Take is as sort of a rugged version of the humble Ram 1500 but also with a bit more off-roading confidence, thanks to the standard 4X4 layout and electronic rear differential.

What is the difference between RAM and rebel?

The biggest difference between these two 2019 Ram 1500 models is the engine that powers them. The Laramie comes standard with the 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine, and the Rebel comes standardly equipped with the 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine with eTorque.

Is the 2020 RAM rebel worth it?

If you’re intent on off-roading your Ram 1500, then you’ll want the Rebel, which gains more aggressive styling and off-road specific equipment including a locking rear axle and skid plates. All trim levels are impressive, and the Ram 1500 is still the truck to beat in 2020.

Are Ram rebels rare?

Be a Rare Occurrence With only 1,500 units produced, the Ram 1500 Rebel® Mojave Sand will run out like cool water in a hot desert.

Is the RAM rebel discontinued?

That’s right, the Laramie and Rebel Quad Cab offerings are gone from the lineup in 2022.

How long will a ram Rebel last?

The Dodge Ram 1500 can last for as long as 300,000 miles with regular maintenance. Assuming you drive 15,000 miles every year, that’s 20 solid years.

What is a RAM warlock?

These Warlock trucks were factory-personalized, designed to play as hard they work. Originally these trucks were outfitted with special gold accent striped for both the interior and exterior, real oak wood sideboards, chrome-plated running boards, fancy wheels with fat tires, and bucket seats!

Is Ram discontinuing the 5.7 Hemi?

Big news out of Stellantis today as it officially releases details on the new Hurricane 3.0-liter twin-turbo I-6 engine, which will be the primary engine for its Ram trucks and commercial vehicles. This means, the 5.7-liter V-8 Hemi is very likely dead for the upcoming, refreshed 2023 Ram 1500.

How much are Dodge rebels?

According to Car Buzz, the 2021 Dodge Ram Rebel will have a starting price of around $45,770. As per Top Speed, the Rebel TRX package is expected to be priced at $70,000.

Is RAM rebel higher than Laramie?

With a starting price of nearly $46,000, the Ram 1500 Rebel is a step above the Laramie in the middle of the lineup. Like the Laramie, the Rebel comes standard with rear-wheel drive. But it gets a crew cab and shorter bed.

Is the Ram 1500 Rebel reliable?

The Dodge Ram 1500 Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 4th out of 17 for fullsize trucks. The average annual repair cost is $670 which means it has average ownership costs.

What’s better warlock or rebel?

A Warlock is basically a cross between a 4th gen Big Horn and Tradesman, with a Rebel appearance package. A 5th gen Rebel is more capable off-road (E rated tires, better shocks, e-locker, etc…) and can be optioned a lot better.

How much does the Ram rebel TRX cost?

Even though the TRX starts just north of $74,000, it’s a lot of truck for the money.

Is a HEMI a hellcat?

Enough power to drive anyone mad, the supercharged 6.2L HEMI® V8 engine comes standard on the Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat models. With 717 horsepower and 656 pound-feet of torque, the competition doesn’t stand a chance.

What is replacing the 5.7 HEMI?

Replacing the Hemi V8 will be the GME T6 or the Global Medium Engine Turbocharged 6, a name which just rolls off the tongue. It will be used for all Stellantis Global medium platform models, which include the Dodge Challenger and Charger.

Do they still make Ram rebel?

The Ram 1500 Rebel is the latest off-road truck from Dodge set to arrive sometime in 2021. The model has already started making headlines all across the globe even before the arrival.

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