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What season was Home and Away in 2011?

What season was Home and Away in 2011?

24th season
The 24th season of Home and Away began airing on 24 January 2011.

Who are the Braxton brothers in Home and Away?

Darryl “Brax” Braxton is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Steve Peacocke. He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 16 February 2011. The character was created and introduced along with his two brothers; Heath (Dan Ewing) and Casey (Lincoln Younes).

Who was brax girlfriend in Home and Away?

Ricky Sharpe
They wrote, “Honest and with a heart of gold, Ricky Sharpe is one of the all-time sweethearts of Summer Bay. However, what endeared her most to Home and Away fans was that she became one part of the super-couple that was Brax and Ricky.

Who played River Boys?

In late 2010 the Seven Network began airing trailers for a new trio of characters known as “The River Boys”. The trio consist of Casey and his older half-brothers Darryl (Steve Peacocke) and Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing).

Why did Colby leave Home and Away?

Following his conviction for murdering his stepfather, Colby is sent to prison. He departed during the episode broadcast on 11 February 2021.

Is Home and Away finished for 2021?

Channel 7’s director of content scheduling Brook Hall pledged its ongoing commitment to the Summer Bay soap in a recent interview with TV Tonight, suggesting that the show is going nowhere anytime soon. “I know it’s not a sexy thing to say, but Home and Away is our main drama that we run pretty much all year,” he said.

Will Brax ever return to Home and Away?

But although Steve’s on-screen brother is delighting fans with his shock return, it’s unlikely Brax will follow suit. In many of his past interviews, the Five Bedrooms star has insisted multiple times a Home and Away comeback isn’t on the horizon.

Who is the river boy returning to Home and Away?

Boy Heath Braxton aka Dan Ewing
Summer Bay’s worst kept secret has been the return of River Boy Heath Braxton aka Dan Ewing.

How did Kyle Braxton leave Home and Away?

Westaway decided to leave the show after almost four years and Kyle was sent to prison for armed robbery. His exit scenes aired on 21 April 2016. Kyle was the last of the Braxton brothers to leave Home and Away….Kyle Braxton.

Nieces Darcy Callahan
Other relatives Casey Braxton

Is Brax coming back to Home and Away?

Why did Ash call The River Boys?

But now, the boys are back. Although they’re not faces we recognise, there’s no mistaking the iconic “Blood and Sand” tattoos. Desperate for revenge, Ash calls on the gang to help him drag Robbo out of hiding (not realising that the fugitive is actually right under his nose).

Is Colby dead in Home and Away?

Franklin was surprised his character was not killed off and he admitted that he tried to convince the writers to let him “go out guns blazing.” He told Maddison Hockey of TV Week that he loved Colby’s ending, as he knew his character would have to “pay the price at some point.” The open ended nature of his exit …

What happens to Willow in Home and Away?

Willow has already taken some time out from Summer Bay on a previous occasion in recent months, which wasn’t a permanent departure. However, this time she is leaving the show for good. Sarah Roberts, who played Willow, announced her exit from Home and Away in late March after portraying the role since 2017.

What happens to Tane in Home and Away?

No, Tane doesn’t die, and as far as we know, Ethan is not leaving the show. Monday’s (June 27) visit to Summer Bay will pick up immediately after the stabbing, with Felicity doing everything she can to stem the blood from the stab wound, while Mac makes it her mission to call for an ambulance.

Why did Stephen Peacocke leave Home and Away?

And with a growing profile of diverse roles under his belt, Steve has previously explained that he wants to keep moving forward and growing in his career, instead of revisiting his past roles. In 2016, Steve told Who magazine that he’d prefer to leave Brax in the rear-view mirror.

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